Elite Events

Who we are

Elite Events is a Destination Management Company (DMC) based in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, a European Union member country.

Cyprus is a major tourist destination in the Eastern Mediterranean, in combination with a vibrant economy based on a very dynamic banking and financial sector providing investment opportunities to both local and high-demanding international investors by offering all the associated services of a fully developed and competitive, by international standards economy.

Cyprus history dates back to the beginning of civilization. The island has always, through history, maintained a strong Greek identity and culture, similar to the one of mainland Greece.




What we do

Based on all the above attributes of our island country, Elite Events DMC provides diverse services according to clients’ needs such as:

  • Traditional events based on Cyprus history and culture, the Byzantine heritage through unique orthodox churches and monasteries, but none the less, Islamic mosques with rich history. An abundance of archaeological museums and ancient sites across the island, enriched by various remnants of the Greek, Roman, French, Venetian, Ottoman and British influence to exhibit our rich multicultural heritage.
  • Five-star luxury hotels in all major towns and tourist regions providing excellent facilities for both the corporate and the individual traveler.
  • Our coastal resorts feature first class convention and banqueting facilities together with comfortable accommodation with fitness and indulging SPA facilities.
  • Sports and athletic activities capitalizing on the mild winter climate, resulting in a very long tourist season. Cyprus features a state-of-the-art sports infrastructure including four signature golf courses and two under construction, as well as several fully equipped marinas.
  • Diverse cuisine providing a vast culinary variety of both mouthwatering Cypriot and international dishes.
  • Magnificent mountain lush green trails for the adventure-seekers, three ski slopes for winter activities and peaceful mountainous retreats for self-healing.
  • Picturesque villages offering agrotourism experiences and at the same time providing fascinating adventure activities within the scenic Cyprus nature.
  • Endless hill covering vineyards overlooked by modern or traditional wineries offering the opportunity of a casual wine tasting session, but also ceremonious banqueting facilities.

How to Contact us

Name: Costas Nicolaides


Telephone: +357 99 620104