Latitud 90

Who we are

For Latitud 90, travelling is a learning experience that transforms people; it is because of this that each program is designed for the tourist to encounter GeorgeHorney the places, people and traditions in most encompassing and comfortable way, while always maintaining care for the environment.

Latitud 90 is a Chilean Tour Operator with more than 18 years of dedicated experience in the areas of Travel Study, Business Programs, Incentives, Meetings, Consulting, Conventions and Inbound Tourism.

Latitud 90 helps create exceptional experiences that inspire people to achieve extraordinary business results. We design and execute innovative corporate events, meetings and incentive travel programs; we help our clients effectively achieve their business goals by
influencing and inspiring their people. We focus on each individual objective
to provide business-meeting planning and group incentive travel experiences
that truly drive business results.

We feel sure your experience in Chile will change you: be ready to see the sunrise over the Andes, to be rendered speechless by the colors and views of the Atacama Desert, to navigate the rivers and fjords of the south or the myriad islands along the beautiful
southern coast, to witness the majesty of the glaciers and to marvel at the Condor
in flight.

What we do

In our continuous search for excellence, Latitud 90 aim is and always will be to provide our customers the assistance, support and services in order to fulfill our customers’ expectation and mutual clients’ demands. Challenging ourselves to new ways of doing things is part of what makes us love what we do, we’re certain that adapting and remaining flexible is the key to long term success. From the sales and product stand point we have been working hard over the past years in order to successfully implement technologies and procedures that are allowing us to deliver a faster turnaround, better content and conditions despite the challenges we face in the industry.

One of the key things are:

  • We are a mid-size team
  • We do have the flexibility you need
  • We offer tailor made itineraries according to your customer’s needs.
  • We take pride on the level of knowledge we have for Chile as a destination.
  • We have developed a care area, both responsible to look after your customer and provide high standard and continuity in services & we have a good product portfolio and we’re always in the scout for the next great thing.

All our rates are in US$. We also offer a Company EUROS Bank Account in Germany in order for our customers to avoid any bank fees and make this payment process an easier one for both of us. We can offer you rates with 18 months in advance, guaranteeing rates until the end of 2019!

How to Contact us

Name: Mr. George Horney


Telephone: +49 171 7762 652