Ukrainian Incentives
January 2019

The Brief:
The 18 Country Managers and the VP of Europe of a Technology company had to work together as a team under extreme conditions to:

  1. Challenge themselves physically
  2. Challenge themselves mentally
  3. Learn to work under pressure
  4. Build their confidence in the team
  5. Get out of their comfort zone
  6. Bring results
  7. Have fun


The Idea:
We proposed a concept QUEST FOR THE BEST with a set of mental, physical and time pressing activities under extreme weather conditions.


The Execution:
We selected wonderful Kiev at winter time, we used an old military camp and we developed war-like games which challenged the participants to their limits.


The Result:
The client confessed that this was an event that went far beyond his expectations and the HR Director of Europe confessed that this was her best event ever!

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Collage_Fotor 2

Collage_Fotor 3

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