July 2014

The 8 Senior Managers of a Technology company had to work together as a team under extreme conditions to foster their skills under the following Key Areas:

  1. Know Your Customers,
  2. Work Cross-Functionally
  3. Innovation,
  4. Think Out Of the Box,
  5. Time Management,
  6. Meeting Deadlines,
  7. Confidence In The Team,
  8. Change Management & Adaptability,
  9. Accountability & Commitment,
  10. Results Orientation,
  11. Return On Investment,
  12. Work/Life Balance

We came up proposing a real Survivor Activity in a remote small island in Greece. The team had to use their skills and abilities to go through 12 strenuous tasks and make it out successfully.

The challenging activity stressed the participants to their limits, as they had to work together as a team, to find their food, find the tools to cook it, discover their shelter and finally spend the night under the stars.

The client confessed that this was an event that went far beyond his expectations and people recall it fondly, even after 2 years later..

1Survivor-2014_Raft Survivor-2014_Camping SurvivorAct1 Survivor-2014_112 Survivor-2014_206

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