November 2021

The Event

Belvedere Vodka in Greece wanted to reward the best performing Bar/Club owners of Greece with a trip to the origin of Belvedere Vodka in Poland. 

Apart from the obvious, visit and dining in Belvedere palace, the client wanted dynamic and competitive team engagement activities but also top-notch restaurants and clubs for the night.

The Idea & Execution:

We proposed two days full of physical activities for this 30 pax group,  with competition and winners.

The activities were:

  • Indoor Go-court rally and
  • Urban Paintball in a deserted building

We selected Warsaw’s best indoor go-kart, one of the largest in Europe, and for the urban paintball, a deserted building suitable for urban warfare simulation. The ceremony for the winners of the go-kart had everything: Winners on the podium, models, and of course lots of champagne. 

The Result:

The client confessed that this was the best event they had in years and we received a 96% satisfaction rate in the evaluation of the event! 




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