About Africa

Who we are

About Africa Co. and OUT Namibia – LGBTQ+ Travel stands at the nexus of luxury and profound exploration. In the heart of Africa’s boundless beauty, we curate experiences that aren’t just travels, but transformative journeys.

Our unrivaled expertise in luxury travel illuminates the most allocentric adventures, fostering deep connections with the continent’s pulsating rhythms and soulful landscapes. Yet, our distinction lies not just in where we take our guests, but in how. By carefully selecting the right spaces, we facilitate journeys that transcend sightseeing. They become voyages of healing, rejuvenation and inner peace. Dive into Africa with About Africa Co., and discover not just a destination, but a deeper self.

We set the standard, in Africa’s best kept secret – NAMIBIA! And beyond with our neighbouring countries Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa.

What we do

About Africa Co. is a premier DMC with bespoke conciergebased experiences facilitation capabilities. Born from within the heart of Namibia, in the luxury of the bush, around a bonfire with a passion for the extraordinary travel impressions by offering nature, wildlife, cultural, traditional educational, volunteering, and development tourism.

  • Destination Management Company
  • Allocentric Travel Designers
  • Experience Facilitators
  • Tour Facilitation
  • Vehicle Rental
  • Flying Safaris
  • Conservation Safaris
  • Honeymoons
  • Self Drive Safaris
  • Guided Small Group Safaris
  • Luxury Safaris

How to Contact us

Name: Heiko Dorgeloh


Telephone: (+264) 811273366


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