Dominican Republic

Enjoy Dominicana

Who we are

At Enjoy Travel Group, we are passionate about showcasing the beauty and diversity of the Dominican Republic through our exceptional travel offerings. From white sandy beaches to lush mountains and historic cities, every corner of this captivating destination offers a unique experience that we are delighted to share with our travelers.

For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, our individual leisure proposals in the Dominican Republic include getaways to luxury resorts on the Caribbean coasts, where sun, sand, and sea combine to create a heavenly paradise.

Our MICE services in the Dominican Republic are designed to highlight the best qualities of this unique destination, with options ranging from events at luxurious beachfront resorts to conferences in historic colonial buildings. For those seeking VIP treatment, our proposals offer privileged access to exclusive experiences and secret spots that only true connoisseurs can appreciate.

Traveling in a group? Our group proposals in the Dominican Republic offer a variety of exciting and educational activities that allow travelers to share unforgettable moments together, from jungle excursions to rum tastings at local plantations.

At the core of our vision for the Dominican Republic is a commitment to sustainability, understanding the importance of preserving the natural and cultural beauty that makes this country such a special destination. We are dedicated to implementing and promoting responsible practices in all our operations and experiences offered, ensuring that each journey not only enriches our clients but also contributes positively to the conservation of the Dominican Republic’s natural and cultural heritage. This sustainable approach is essential to ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy and discover the rich biodiversity and cultural legacy of the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic is an experience that transforms lives and creates lasting Memories.

What we do

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we excel in crafting compelling itineraries tailored for MICE groups or leisure travelers, whether it be families or individuals.

Drawing from our diverse global clientele, we leverage our experience and insights to customize each package according to the specific needs of various markets.

At our headquarters in the Dominican Republic, we handle:

  1. Negotiating highly competitive rates with hotels, transfer services, special venues, activies, etc…
  2. Curating distinctive itineraries that offer unparalleled experiences.
  3. Ensuring seamless operations and delivering top-notch service around the clock.
  4. Providing a wide range of vacation rentals typical of the Domincan Republic, boasting a diverse inventory.
  5. Offering car rental services, including options with or without drivers

Moreover, our sales and marketing offices located in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, USA (Florida), Canada Spain and Russia provide dedicated commercial and reservations support tailored to each geographical market. Additionally, we’ve developed advanced technological systems enabling us to connect with clients through XTML, B2B platforms, or extranet uploads.

To streamline processes for our clients, all contracts and payments can be routed through our offices in Barcelona and/or Miami. Clients have the flexibility to select their preferred currency, with options available in Euros or US dollars, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

How to Contact us

Name: Eduardo Iglesias


Telephone: +34 606 837 768


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