Myanmar voyages

Who we are

myanmar-profileAs a Myanmar owned company, we know how special our country is. We believe that our culture and our people is the main asset we have (although we have great landscapes too) and that the wisdom of our culture has something to say in the fast paced times we live nowadays.
Our aim, it is to guide our customers through what we call the “Golden Land”, a country full of mysteries and with one of the most unique cultures on the planet. Our curated tours are designed to make our clients avoid the tedious details of the trip, so that they can focus on embracing and grasping our ancient customs that will not leave anyone indifferent.
Moreover, we believe tourism is a very important way to attract wealth to our country which is among the poorest in the world. We aim at creating memorable experiences to keep attracting more and more responsible tourists to our country in order to alleviate and improve the critical situation of a big part of the population.
As a country and as a company we know what we can and what we can’t offer. What we can offer is the perfect environment for:

  • Relaxing in nature, by the beach at the comfortable Ngapali or the unspoiled Mergui Archipelago, at a river cruise through the magnificent Irrawaday, at a boat across the mystic Inle Lake or through the hidden mountains of Shan or Chin state.
  • Meditation, yoga, healing and introspection. Myanmar has the highest proportion of monks among the Buddhist countries and meditation is a very integrated practice in the culture, creating the perfect environment for people willing to explore and look for inner peace.
  • Incredible and varied landscapes. Myanmar can offer all kind of landscapes like: mountains, plains full of temples, infinite rivers, bustling cities and incredible islands surrounded by white sand beaches.

What we do

From tailored made trips for FIT and MICE, to regular tours for groups from different countries, our 20 years of experience in the sector allow us to handle any trip you could imagine, always having responsibility and sustainability in mind.

Apart from this, we are the ground operators of international events such as the Bagan Temple Marathon and we handle cruises with more than 1,000 passengers on board, showing the great versatility that we as a company have developed over the years.

We are a medium size company that put their employees first so that they can take the best care of our clients. Are you ready to be looked after with the best of our smiles? :)

How to Contact us

Name: Lwin Lwin Kyaw


Telephone: +95 95 402 437


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