Nomádic Tótem

Who we are

Luxury Travel – MICE Management Company – Live Marketing Consulting

Our totem is to be a creative trend when organizing sustainable travels and organic events; where we fuses a new lifestyle of the care-free ethos of a nomad explorer, with the sophistication of premium services and the most exclusive experiences of each destination and mementos. We love to savor moments, in addition to the culinary and cultural richness. It is an alternative style of traveling in a ^bon-vivant^ journey, where being original and genuine is worth more than money; where artisanal, organic, and local go hand-in-hand with exclusivity.

We stand out by designing and owning creative programs under strict quality standards and sustainability; promoting the local culture and traditions, discovering its magic and mysticism, tasting the culinary richness, exploring the natural treasures; and of course, feeling the music, colors, and origins of each country. We are an outstanding empowerment tool to go beyond your clients expectations by curating local creative live marketing experiences.

Our totem is to get lost in the world to find ourselves in the intimacy of each place. We are the compass that guides our community anxious to explore each destination in a local, genuine, and creative way. Is the exquisite combination of the glamour of a fine dining meal and a tasteful accommodation in harmony with the environment; where the art and stories of other travelers make “a moment the perfect picture…”

What we do

Our services are for all kind of travelers who would like to live each destination in a unique and local way. Each travel experience is a new and different adventure; where the reward will always be those moments we lived, the places we discovered and the people we met on the journey; that later became memories and stories to tell. Our goal is that your trip transcends your wildest and local expectations of having a genuine and unique experience of exploring the world.

LEISURE – creative FITs experiences . culinary tours . wine vintage . hiking & trekking  . photography getaways . glamping . holistic retreats / yoga . cultural and religious tourism . sports and adventure programs .

MICE – event and meetings management . hotel reservations . transportation . production . decoration  . catering  . team buildings . creativity . incentive programs . thematic conventions . talent hiring . product launching . corporate day tour activities . live marketing

How to Contact us

Name: César Castrejón


Telephone: +52 15951148675


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