Tanzania Journeys

Who we are

franscesca_martyTanzania Journeys was incorporated in March 2005 and was welcoming her first group in September of that year. Initially bringing 8 years of tour operating and incentive group organization from the UK to combine with the beauty and warmth of Tanzanian hospitality, Tanzania Journeys has grown up into a special organization. After 13 years’ experience with a mission for continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations and service; Tanzania Journeys has grown from a small 3-person company operating with one vehicle to become 2 companies (Tanzania Journeys and Halisi Camps) with 15 vehicles, 3 camps and lodges and permanently employing over 60 people, not to mention all the guides, porters and cooks we employ on a seasonal basis. 

Tanzania Journeys specialises in providing a high quality ethical service for our clients, in that we believe that every person who works with us should be paid a fair wage and have good working conditions. Part of our mission has always been a commitment to make a contribution to improve the society and environment in which we operate; whether it is providing employment, aiding villages with local water and school projects or combating environment degradation through tree planting exercises. In the way we will not compromise on the quality of service we provide our clients, we do compromise on how we contribute to our living environment.

What we do

Tanzania is famed for the incredible diversity of its wildlife and terrain. We employ our 13 years of operating experience to bring our guests close to nature in style. Whether it is photographic safaris in the iconic Serengeti National Park or Ngorongoro Crater; perhaps trekking to the summit of Africa at Mount Kilimanjaro’s Uhuru peak; we offer attention to detail and care second to none.

Tanzania is said to be the land of Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar but there are also so many more experiences that can be offered. From day 1 we have always prided ourselves on our flexibility and innovation, we are rare company in that we can offer experiences such as biking itineraries, various cultural activities around Kilimanjaro, trekking in the dramatic Ngorongoro Highlands with Masai guides far from the beaten track as well as the Usambara Mountains and cultural and beach tourism on the Swahili coast at Pangani. The diversity of what we can offer even attracts tour operators from Tanzania asking to operate these specialist tours on their behalf.

All these skills and experience we have built up over these years enables to handle almost any request. Be it FIT, groups, incentive or adventure groups; our skilled and flexible team can help you achieve success with all your requests!

How to Contact us

Name: Francesca Marty

Email: sales@tanzaniajourneys.com

Telephone: +41798324423

Website: http://tanzaniajourneys.com/