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Feel Argentina Like a local

Ancient glaciers, immense pampas, and the mighty Andes. The country of tango and football, ice cream, wine, and highlands is waiting for you. Enjoy the wonderful contrasts this country offers: from a capital that never sleeps to a quiet desert or snowy mountains. Dance to the Gaucha music, watch a colorful show in Buenos Aires, enjoy the view at Iguazu Falls or go on an excursion through Patagonia. Let Argentina’s charm fill your heart.


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Private Island House – PATAGONIA

Located in one of the remotest corners of Patagonia, Celebrity Chef Francis Mallmann’s island and his rustic home which Mallmann only opens to guests a few times a year determined to ensure the experience remains exclusive and personal.



Estancia La Lorenza  – IGUAZÚ FALLS

A typical missionary house, close to the falls, where you immerse yourself in the local culture and the secrets of the national drink, the mate. Then a short walk through the jungle leads you to the river’s shore, where the kayaks await.




Explora Lodge – PATAGONIA

Sitting at the foot of Mt Fitz Roy and surrounded by an exceptional landscape, Explora Lodge is a refuge for those in search of true adventure. Its privileged location within a Nature Reserve virgin area was designed to attract travelers looking for a rustic experience with all the comforts of home.


Typical Milonga – BUENOS AIRES 

Are you looking for the real Argentine tango? Avoid the tourist trap together with a local dancer for the best tango experience at a milonga the local neighborhood tango club where the Porteños gather together to dance real tango.

A busy milonga going on at the Club Gricel in Buenos Aires.

Walk with the penguins – TIERRA DEL FUEGO

Meet the penguins in their habitat! This place has a colony of 3000 pairs of Magellanic Penguins, 16 pairs of Gentoo Penguins, and 155 pairs of rock cormorants.

You can walk with them for an hour for an unforgettable experience!


FEEL ARGENTINA using the help of a local expert with luxury insider trips and adventure tours that take you off the beaten path.


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