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Welcome to the wilderness of rare and dramatic beauty of the Lofoten Islands, a place where you stand the unique chance to experience the magnificent spectacle of the flickering Northern Lights reflected in the sea.

Let this Natural Marvel at the end of the world overwhelm you with energy and inspiration! Get to know the Lofoten Islands’ colourful nature full of narrow fjords, steep mountains, white sandy beaches, and surprisingly warm water – the extraordinary Arctic coastline of Norway.


Ease your tensions away in a landscape of skerries, red fisherman cabins, lapping waves and the cries of gulls.

Let us drive you through the iconic itinerary of MOMENT NORWAY to feel the magic of Lofoten Islands. An experience you will never forget!

Ida Rishaug ,Tromsø, Norway

Day 1: The Magic Lofoten Islands

Landing on the narrow flight strip on the edge of the ocean at tiny Svolvær Airport is a unique experience. From here, there’s a short 10-minute transfer to the center of Svolvær, Lofoten biggest city with a staggering amount of 5.000 inhabitants.

Check in to the iconic red fisherman cabins and join us for a historical walk along the molo, under fish racks and through the fishing village. For nearly 1000 years, dried fish has been exported from Lofoten to Europe. We will enter one of the fish receptions, and learn more about the process, before we head for dinner in venerable Børsen Spiseri, a restaurant located in an old colonial store from 1828.


Day 2: The Lofoten Fisheries

Lofoten history revolves around fish. The population has always fished all year round, usually alongside running small farms. Yet, it is the seasonal fishing for Norwegian cod that has been of the greatest importance. The fisheries have provided a living for the local people for centuries.


We meet for breakfast where the strategy for today’s fishing trip is carefully planned. Authentic fishing boats are waiting for us in the nearby harbour, ready to take us on a fishing trip in one of the richest oceans in the world. The tour ends in the beautiful fishing village of Henningsvær.


In the oldest part of the fish reception, Riksheim, we meet Kalle, owner, and a genuine storyteller, who built a mini museum of old tools, equipments and other objects from the early fisheries. Kalle will tell us about the fundament of all settlements in Lofoten, the cod’s travel from sea to export. Kalle will serve us some local caviar, fried fish tongues, dried stockfish and freshly steamed cod liver oil (!)

Afterwards we stroll along the sea towards the climber’s café, for “After Sea”. A local once said: This café is like a hybrid between a French sidewalk café in Paris and a basecamp in Nepal. Here, a dinner made of today’s catch awaits and Norwegian waffles are served for dessert, directly from the waffle iron. At the same time live music accompanies the light and informal atmosphere.

Day 3: Travel back in time to meet the Vikings

Borg in Lofoten was the home of one of the most powerful Viking chieftains in Northern Norway and is now the site of the largest known building from the Viking Age where a full-size replica of the building has been built. We travel 1000 years back in time to face the smell of tar and an open fire in the long house. Join us on a sailing and rowing trip and try your hand at archery and axe-throwing, before the chieftain himself and his wife invites us to a real Viking celebration. Maybe there will be made offerings to please the Viking gods, Odin and Thor.


Day 4: Breathtaking nature experiences

Two RIB boats are waiting for us in the harbor after breakfast. We jump into warm suits and get safety instructions from the captains before boarding the speed boats for a beautiful and scenic natural safari in the fjords of the Lofoten islands. There’s lots of sea eagles in the area so we’ll bring some herring in case they’re hungry. Hold your hat and keep your cameras ready!

We stretch our legs in the small island community of Skrova where we enjoy lunch, produced locally. After dessert we’ll go for a short, but spectacular hike to Mount Skrova. On clear days, the summit will provide panorama views of the Lofoten wall, the islands and the Caribbean like beach islets around Skrova.


In the evening we will board the northbound coastal steamer, Hurtigruten, on a beautiful cruise towards Tromsø. The night is spent on board.

Day 5: Tromsø – The Arctic Gateway

Hurtigruten sails into the harbour of Tromsø centre after lunch at 14:30. The hotel is in walking distance from the harbour where the ship docks.

We’ll hop on a bus to get an introduction to Tromsø, a city with a highly significant polar history and an important role as a hub for activities in the Arctic. From the cable car top we get a stunning view over Tromsø island, the surrounding mountains and fjords.


Before dinner, we meet for aperitif at a local brewery where two eager beer crafters will tell their story and guide you through a tasting of a selection of their handmade beer. We continue to a local restaurant. Tonight, we will have to work for our dinner as it will be set in a culinary theatre. You will take an active role in the making of a delicious three-course dinner of local production, and professional chefs will teach you how to get the best tastes out of the ingredients.

Day 6: Wildlife Camp

This morning we’ll travel by boat to a nearby fjord where the snow still lies in the surrounding hills. Upon arrival you will get a crash course on how to survive in the Arctic. Who will be the first to serve a fresh cup of coffee made of melted ice from the lake on a self-made bonfire? Today’s lunch is prepared on and served outdoors around the bonfire.


After lunch we will walk to the nearby kennel where we are met by a flock of happy four-legged friends, all ready to take us for a fun journey in the spring snow. The tour ends by our outdoor camp where a dinner party is held in the primitive log cabin.


Day 7: Departure

The journey ends here, but don’t feel sorry, you are more than welcome to return to Norway – there’s plenty of more to experience? Did I mention we have midnight sun, northern lights, glaciers, and even polar bears?

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