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Come, see, love. 

From its stunning mountain ranges to its deserts, this country has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. Whether you’re looking for a place to hike, camp, ski, snowboard, horse ride, or just explore, it has something for everyone. 

It is impossible not to fall in love with this country of the former Soviet Union, unusual in its diversity, caressed by the sun and steppe mountains – Kazakhstan! 

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Kazakhstan is home to a mix of ethnicities, which makes it a great place to experience different cultures, and features a number of historical sites,  ancient monuments, and ruins that are sure to fascinate history buffs. 

The industrial landscapes of the capital Astana, give way to the seclusion of salt marshes, and from the museum of history, you find yourself in the epicenter of cultural processes, where the Great Silk Road passed.  Astana is a modern city with plenty to explore. From museums and galleries to shops and restaurants, there’s something for everyone in Astana. 

The city is also home to a number of historical sites, such as the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, which is the world’s largest pyramid and never ceases to amaze by its sheer size and design. 

What is a must-visit in the city of Astana 

Designed by the world-famous Argentinean architect Alejandro Stochetti, in 2017 for the EXPO exhibition, themed “Future Energy” as a giant spherical-shaped building, Nur Alem National Pavillion is an after-exhibition heritage, now serving as a museum of future energy in Kazakhstan. Its unique spherical shape was in the spotlight before the opening of the exhibition and still attracts much attention. 

The museum is an 8-story building. Each floor is dedicated to a different theme: “Solar power”, “Wind power”, “Space power”, “Bioenergy”, “Hydropower”, “Kinetic energy”, “National Pavilion”, and “Future Astana”. Energy sources are presented in an entertaining way.  

Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan in the southeast of the Republic, its “pearl” in the necklace of emerald-blue mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau, with their majestic snow-capped peaks. The former capital of the republic remains the financial, economic, and cultural center of Central Asia. Today, the population of the city is about 2 million people.  

What is a must-visit in the city of Almaty 

The most famous place in the city and the republic is undoubtedly the Medeo skating rink, located in the gorge of the same name.

The air in the gorge is so clean that it makes you dizzy, and the smell of the forest mixes with the subtle taste of the icy wind from the peaks of the Trans-Ili Alatau. Perhaps this wind was the reason for the construction of this unusual ice rink here.  

“Medeo” was called the “factory of records”, as for 33 years 126 world records were set on the ice of a high-mountain skating rink.  

A dizzying ascent to the Shymbulak glacier, where a modern ski resort is located, will meet all expectations. Here you can feel the free spirit of Kazakhstan and the beauty of these lands. Snowy peaks, centuries-old forests, mountain lakes – all this, combined with modern ski lifts, thermal pools, and comfortable cottages, guarantees an unforgettable vacation. 

Back in the city start from Republic Square, where the Independence Monument is located. Further, passing by the Central Library, the Abai State Academic Opera, and Ballet Theatre, looking at the new Panfilov pedestrian street, you will learn even more about the history and development of the southern capital of Kazakhstan from ancient times to the present-day.

Ascension Cathedral , located in the park – is the oldest building in the city. The cathedral was built of wood without a single nail but withstood several earthquakes, one of which had a force of 10 points. 

The Green Bazaaris truly one of the most colorful and remarkable places in the city, where it is impossible to resist shopping. This is a great chance to plunge into the atmosphere of a real oriental market, its colors, smells, and crowds. It is here that you can buy famous oriental sweets, dried fruits, buy local products and souvenirs. 

What to visit outside the city

Big Almaty Lake 

Having risen to a height of 2510 meters above sea level through the picturesque Big Almaty Gorge, be sure to visit the Big Almaty Lake – one of the most beautiful lakes of the Zailiysky Alatau. 

The icy water surface of the lake reflects the bright blue sky like a magic mirror. The magnificent panorama of the lake, surrounded by mountain peaks covered with Tien Shan spruce, aspen, and juniper, will leave an indelible impression. 

Altyn-Emel is the most beautiful state national natural park in the valley of the Ili River, along which the caravans of the Great Silk Road passed. This legendary place offers you the famous Martian landscapes in the Kazakh style:the Singing Dune dune, 1.5 km long and 130 m high. They say that the dune hides an underground city or that under the sands there is thegrave of Genghis Khan.

Aktau– clay mountains cut by canyons like a sharp knife.

Katutau– mountains, to whose creation fiery volcanoes had a hand.  

And of course, do not forget to visit the State National Natural Park “Kolsai Kolderi“.The main natural attraction of the park is the Kolsai Lakes, located 320 km from Almaty. 
Many rare and endangered species live here, in particular the Tien Shan brown bear, snow leopard, and Turkestan lynx. The biosphere reserve covers an area of ​​242,085 hectares. 
The picturesque lake Kaiyndy is also located in the park.

The Kolsai lakes have been included in the UNESCO  World Network  .  

What to Do

Falconry Kennel , where you can become a direct participant in the spectacular show ”Falconry” with specially trained hawks - hunting with them is one of the most unique features of the Kazakh way of life.

To date, the nursery contains 370 individuals of 15 species of birds of prey. During the existence of the nursery, more than 600 birds were released into the natural environment. 

And of course, be sure to take a walk around the farm. 

Horseback riding 

Enjoy campfire meals under the stars, this is an adventure of a lifetime. Intrepid travelers of all sorts can ride at a slower pace, while experienced riders will be in trekking heaven on fit and surefooted horses, with plenty of opportunities for fast riding along forest trails and over mountain grasslands. 


Ritz Carton Astana 

Within the Talan Towers, an example of the Kazakhstan capital’s modern personality, The Ritz-Carlton, Astana carries on local traditions. The five-star hotel elegantly weaves cultural elements into the luxury experience: accommodations reflect regional design elements, spa guests are invited to partake in a Kazakh tea ceremony and dining infuses modern dishes with regional flavors. 

St. Regis Astana 

The St. Regis Astana occupies the most prestigious address in the capital city, located in Astana Central Park. Known as the heart of Astana, the award-winning design by Wimberly Interiors combines modern with neo-classical elements, defining the modern-day interpretation of the St. Regis legacy.

Rixos Almaty

A luxurious and elegant five-star hotel property, in a perfect location on the corner of the Kabanbai Batyr and Seifullin streets in the heart of leafy Almaty. 

Ritz Carlton Almaty

With sumptuous accommodation, superior service, and a prime location in the city center, The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty offers a luxury hotel experience that stirs every sense. Alight from the sky elevator into the 30th-floor lobby and receive a splendid welcome, accentuated by the awe-inspiring views that surround you.   

What and where to eat 

Kazakh cuisine has absorbed the traditions of its ancestors. Lamb, beef, camel meat, dairy products, pastry dishes, sweets… Not every person will be able to master all this flavor variety. But there are several dishes that you must try in Kazakhstan. 


The main traditional dish of the Kazakhs is Beshbarmak – boiled lamb meat with small pieces of dough boiled in broth and abundantly sprinkled with dill, parsley, and cilantro, served on a large oval dish. Treating beshbarmak is accompanied by a kind of ritual. The name “Beshbarmak” in translation means “five fingers” and appeared because in ancient times the dish was eaten with hands.   This traditional dish is better to try in the restaurant -“Qaimaq”. (address: Abay Avenue, 46A, Almaty) 


But we cannot linger on one dish for a long time, and let’s see what else Kazakh cuisine offers us. For example,  Kuyrdak is a roast made from internal organs, most often lamb liver, lungs, and kidneys, with potatoes. A thick, rich dish that is prepared immediately after skinning the carcass, only from fresh offal. This is a very satisfying and warming meal. Delicious Kuyrdak will be served to you at the “Sandyk” restaurant.  

Palau (plov in Kazakh) 

Be sure to try Palau in Kazakhstan, because the locals cook plov fantastically delicious. In fact, it does not differ much from other variations of the dish: rice, meat, onions with carrots, and spices. However, there are still regional differences. Kazakh plov is usually made from lamb, and beef and meat are never spared for it. The traditional recipe contains dried apricots, which give the dish a special sweetish-sour taste. You can taste the most delicious pilaf in the “Alasha” restaurant.  


A flatbread may not always be on the table, but Baursaks, a favorite  Kazakh food, are a must. 

Baursaks are pieces of yeast dough fried in a large amount of oil. The taste of baursaks is sweetish, they can also serve as a separate dish. But, as a rule, baursaks always eat with something. A good hostess will serve them not only with the main course, but also with tea.   You can order the most delicious bauyrsaki at the “Tyubeteika” restaurant. 

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