Ready for an adventure that promises to captivate your senses in the heart of the Mediterranean?

Embark on a journey to the sun-drenched jewel of Malta, nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean. Imagine wandering through narrow, honey-colored streets that echo with history, where ancient fortifications stand guard over azure seas. Here, the aroma of freshly caught seafood mingles with the scent of local spices, inviting you to indulge in culinary delights.  

From Malta’s rugged coastlines adorned with picturesque bays to the vibrant festivals celebrating its rich cultural tapestry, this island is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. Ready to unveil the secrets of this enchanting haven? Stay tuned for an adventure that promises to captivate your senses. 

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If we had to select two of the must-see places in Malta in our opinion, then definitely Valletta, Rabat and Mdina. Very often we combine Valletta with Birgu which is a magnificent town which was where he Knights of the Order of St. John lived before they built Valletta.

Valletta – holds a rich cultural and historical heritage, with its 16th-century buildings constructed by the Knights Hospitaller. The city was named after Jean Parisot de Valette, who successfully defended the island during the Great Siege of Malta against the Ottomans. Valletta’s Baroque architecture, including elements of Mannerist, Neo-Classical, and Modern styles, contributes to its unique character. Despite the scars left by World War II, Valletta remains a vibrant commercial center for shopping, dining, and café life. Notably, it is the southernmost capital of Europe and the smallest capital city within the European Union.


Birgu – also known as Città Vittoriosa, occupies a promontory of land, with Fort Saint Angelo guarding its head and the city of Cospicua at its base. Birgu boasts a long and storied past, shaped by various civilizations. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Angevines, Aragonese, and the Order of Saint John all contributed to its development. Before Valletta became the capital and main city of Malta, controlling Birgu was crucial for any military power seeking dominance over the Maltese islands. In fact, from 1530 to 1571, Birgu served as the de facto capital city of Malta and the base of the Order of Saint John.


Rabat & Mdina – Known as the Silent City, Mdina sits atop one of Malta’s highest hills, surrounded by fortified bastion walls. Its medieval architecture and narrow alleys evoke centuries of history. Mdina is tentatively listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the former capital of Malta until the arrival of the Knights of Malta in 1530.

Rabat, located on Mdina’s doorstep (once considered its suburb), Rabat exudes a quieter, more rural character, also having beautiful streets and alleys with various local restaurants and cafes




The main hotels are location in St. Julian’s, Qawra/Bugibba and the Capital Valletta which each location different from the other. St. Julian’s is the vibrant heart of the Islands with thriving nightlife, many restaurants, bars, shopping and almost all 5 star hotels are located here.

Qawra/Bugibba is a sea side town in the north, home to many 3 & 4 star properties, beach clubs, and sea activities.

Valletta has a concentration of the most boutique properties mostly converted Palazzos and buildings with historical value.

Here are a few of our favorites.

The Westin Dragonara Resort, a 5* resort on its own Peninsula which also hosts a separate Casino.


DoubleTree by Hilton Malta, a 4* resort with all facilities and meal plans available, and largest conference facilities in this area.


Gomerino Hotel, a lovely 4* boutique hotel in the Capital Valletta, with an indoor and outdoor pool and fitness cent



Maltese gastronomy is a delightful fusion of Mediterranean and Arab influences, resulting in a unique cuisine brimming with intense flavors.

Malta offers a delightful culinary experience with a mix of traditional Maltese dishes, Mediterranean seafood, and international flavors. With at least 40 Michelin Guide and Michelin Star restaurants there is certainly ample choice for our clients.

De Mondion – This is a 1* Michelin Restaurant located within the walls of the Medieval City of Mdina and at the top of a Relais & Chateaux Hotel The Xara Palace. Apart from top notch food and wine, the terrace offers panoramic views of the Island.


Chophouse Restaurant – A Michelin Guide restaurant is fantastic view of our UNESCO World Heritage Capital City of Mdina. This restaurant also boasts some the best selections of whiskies, gins, other fine spirits and cigars.



Tuk Tuk Tour in Gozo 

Gozo has so much to offer despite its small size. From the beauty of its nature and charming seascapes to landmarks, local village culture and centuries-old history that’s visible everywhere you look.   


Rolling Geeks Tour 

Rolling Geeks are self-drive electric cars, complete with pre-programmed GPS that not only take you on the perfect tour but explain what you’re looking at too. So, you get all the benefits of an organized excursion, but with the freedom of being in your own quirky electric car. There really is no contest. 

The cars are unbelievably fun, safe and easy to drive, not to mention environmentally responsible, letting you experience authentic Maltese culture and climate firsthand. 


Marsaxlokk & Wine Tasting 

Marsaxlokk Bay is Malta’s second largest natural harbor. It is the best place to see the colorful, traditional Maltese fishing boats, the Luzzus, with the mythical eye painted on their prows. The village is the Islands’ main fishing harbor; its Sunday fish market a fascinating insight into local life and a traditional industry. The stalls brim with the night’s catch – fish of all shapes, colors and sizes. 


Zipline at Migra Ferha Activity 

Zip lines are fun! Imagine standing on the edge of a steep cliff edge looking down more than 50m and below you is just rugged rock and the open sea. Secured by a harness and connected to the steel zipline by pulley, you anticipate the exposure and your body is full of adrenaline. As you step away from rock you are suspended by the zipline as you literally fly across the cliff edge towards the other side. 




Ready to explore Malta for leisure or business? Rigo Malta DMC and Madwarna Experiences comply with more than 100 criteria, related to an operator’s office management, product range, international business partners and customer information. The Travelife Partner level standard is covering the ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility themes, including environment, biodiversity, human rights, and labour relation 

Discover the Land of Ancient Pyramids, Vibrant Festivals, and Pristine Beaches

Embark on an enchanting journey to the heart of Mexico, guided by a bespoke travel expert.

Discover ancient pyramids that rise majestically against the sky, vibrant festivals that bring streets to life with color, and pristine beaches offering serene escapes.

Immerse yourself in a world rich in cultural heritage, tantalizing cuisine, and breathtaking natural beauty. Our expertly crafted itineraries unveil the secrets of this captivating destination, ensuring a journey filled with unforgettable, tailor-made experiences.

Join us to explore the treasure trove of unique adventures that Mexico has to offer. See how Nomadic Totem creates unique, authentic experiences


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Exclusive visit to Frida Kahlo’s house and dinner

This exclusive experience, meticulously curated by Cesar and Ana of Nomadic Totem, offers a select few unique opportunities to gain insight into the life of the renowned painter through her relative, Cristina Kahlo. Guests will have the distinguished honor of dining in the iconic house, immersing themselves in an intimate and authentic connection with history.


Mystic Shaman Maya Ceremony

This one-of-a-kind experience-a trademark of the incredible Nomadic Totem creators- will transport you beneath the pyramids of Teotihuacan, into a hidden cave. Led by an opera singer, you’ll traverse a secret passage to witness an ancient Maya shaman ceremony. Here, in this mystical setting, you’ll encounter the spirits of the underworld, immersing yourself in a profoundly mystical and captivating ceremony.



Mexico City

Las Alcobas Hotel

This luxury boutique hotel is located in the heart of Polanco, Mexico City. It features stylish rooms and suites with private balconies, as well as a rooftop pool, spa, and fitness center. The hotel is also home to several upscale restaurants and bars.


Quintana Roo


This chic beachfront hotel is located in Tulum, Mexico. It features private beachfront cabanas, an oceanfront pool, and a spa. The hotel is also home to several restaurants and bars, including a rooftop bar with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.



This Tulum eco-luxury resort , features treetop cabins and villas made from sustainable materials. The resort has a private beach, a spa, and several restaurants and bars. Azulik is also known for its unique art installations and commitment to sustainability.


Casa Malca

This bohemian-style hotel is located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It was once the home of Mexican artist, writer and filmmaker, Frida Kahlo. The hotel features colorful rooms and suites, as well as a beachfront pool, spa, and several restaurants and bars. Casa Malca is known for its artsy vibe and its beautiful location on the beach.



Haramara Holistik Resort

This wellness retreat is located in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It offers yoga and meditation classes, as well as spa treatments and healthy meals. The retreat is located on a secluded beach and has a swimming pool, gardens, and hammocks. Haramara Holistik Retreat is perfect for those looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation.


In Baja California

Bruma Casa 8

This amazing property It is a complex made up of a winery, the Fauna restaurant —run by David Castro Hussong and Maribel Aldaco no 5 in Latin America’s top restaurants—, a bar and a hotel property called Casa 8, built by the architect Alejandro D’Acosta.

The wonderful thing about Casa 8 are its rooms surrounded by glass doors that allow you to see the sunset at its best, enjoy a pool at the foot of your room and more amenities.



Maximo Bistro, Mexico City

This acclaimed fine-dining restaurant is helmed by renowned chef Eduardo García and his wife, Gabriela López. They champion a unique “farm-to-table” approach, showcasing the freshest seasonal produce from Mexico in their ever-changing menus. Expect innovative and beautifully plated dishes that highlight local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques with a contemporary twist. Maximo Bistro has garnered critical acclaim, earning a spot on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list and the Estrella Damm Chefs’ Choice Award for Best Reinvention.



Blanco Castelar

Blanco Castelar is a renowned fine-dining restaurant located in the heart of Polanco, Mexico City. Housed in the iconic Casa Domit, a Californian bungalow designed in the 1940s, the restaurant blends architectural beauty with contemporary elegance. Its cuisine: Modern Mexican with global influences. Chef Edgar Núñez masterfully crafts dishes that highlight fresh, seasonal ingredients and innovative techniques. Expect delicate textures, vibrant flavors, and beautifully plated presentations.



Nestled in a beautiful mansion in Mexico City’s Roma Norte neighborhood, Rosetta is a culinary gem known for its innovative take on traditional Mexican dishes. Chef Elena Reygadas, acclaimed as Latin America’s Best Female Chef in 2014, weaves magic with the highest quality local ingredients, resulting in a truly unique and memorable dining experience.



Your local partner, Nomádic Tótem specializes in curating its own local experiences which have generated a very positive impact with different clients for the type of organic events and sustainable travel who are looking for exclusivity, authenticity and creativity. Such is the case of corporations such as: YPO Worldwide, Warner Discovery Channel, Valia, Lindt among many others; as well as incentive trips for corporate groups and / or families looking to travel under a different concept, local, premium; but at the same time helping in their way…See Nomadic Totem’s full interview here

Secrets in the Peaks: A Chronicle of Unsung Splendor and Astonishing Marvels 

Nestled in a corner of the world where ancient traditions whisper in the streets and natural wonders reign supreme, this land beckons with a mosaic of dramatic landscapes and architectural masterpieces.  

It’s a feast for the wanderlust souls, offering a tapestry of cultural richness and culinary excellence that remains largely untold. To walk its paths is to discover a treasure trove of stories untold and experiences unmatched, a destination that promises to etch itself indelibly on the heart of every traveler.  


Georgia, a jewel at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is a tapestry of breathtaking scenery and vibrant culture.  

From the vineyard-laden Kakheti region, cradle of wine-making, to the historic wonders of Mtskheta and the sky-touching peaks of Svaneti, Georgia offers a diverse palette for exploration.  

Batumi’s seaside charm and Tbilisi’s eclectic streets provide a perfect blend of modern dynamism and timeless beauty.  

It’s a country where every region promises its own unique story and unforgettable adventure. 


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The capital of Georgia is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a rich history and culture. Be sure to visit Old Tbilisi, with its narrow-cobbled streets and colorful wooden balconies, as well as the Narikala Fortress, which offers stunning views of the city. 



This picturesque town is located in the Kakheti region of Georgia and is known for its stunning views of the Caucasus Mountains. Be sure to visit the Sighnaghi City Wall and the Bodbe Monastery, which is the burial place of Saint Nino, the patron saint of Georgia. 


This region of Georgia is home to Mount Kazbek, one of the most iconic mountains in the Caucasus Mountains. Be sure to visit the Gergeti Trinity Church, a beautiful church that is located on a hilltop overlooking Mount Kazbek. 


This mountainous region of Georgia is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the country. Be sure to visit the villages of Mestia and Ushguli, which are located at the foot of Mount Ushba, the highest peak in the Caucasus Mountains. 




Hotel Stamba, Tbilisi  

 This hotel is located in the center of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. It is housed in a former printing house and has a unique, industrial design. The hotel offers a variety of amenities, including a spa, a pool, a restaurant, and a bar. 


Hotel Rooms Kazbegi, Kazbegi 

This hotel is located in the village of Stepantsminda, in the shadow of Mount Kazbek. It offers stunning views of the mountain and the surrounding mountains. The hotel has a pool, a spa, and a restaurant. 


Hotel Paragraph Spa Resort, Shekvetili  

Is a luxury hotel in Georgia with a huge aquarium, a spa, and various sports facilities. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with balconies and modern amenities. The hotel offers a delicious breakfast and diverse cuisine options. 



Café Littera,  Tbilisi  

Found in a charming garden setting, it is known for its innovative and delicious dishes, which combine traditional Georgian flavors with modern international influences, offering a tranquil dining experience in the heart of Tbilisi. 


8000 Vintages, Tbilisi 

8000 Vintages is a wine boutique and restaurant in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is known for its wide selection of Georgian wines, as well as its delicious food and excellent service. The restaurant has a cozy and intimate atmosphere, and the staff is very knowledgeable about Georgian wine. 


Restaurant Funicular,  Tbilisi 

Funicular is a restaurant located on the top of Mtatsminda Mountain in Tbilisi, Georgia. It offers stunning views of the city and a variety of Georgian and international cuisine. The restaurant is also known for its live music and dancing. 


Chateu Muhkrani winery, Mukhrani village (close to Tbilisi) 

Château Mukhrani represents an iconic part of Georgian history, featuring as an ancestral home of Price Ivane Mukhranbatoni. Built in the XIX century, the palace and surrounding gardens were designed by French architects. The construction of the palace took 12 years to complete. 

It is known for its high-quality wines and its beautiful grounds. The winery has been producing wine since the 19th century, and its wines have been enjoyed by royalty and celebrities alike. 

The restaurant at Château Mukhrani serves traditional Georgian cuisine, as well as international dishes. The restaurant has a terrace with stunning views of the vineyards and the surrounding countryside. 



Culinary masterclass with traditional spices in Georgia  

Is a great way to learn about the country’s rich culinary tradition and its unique spices. These classes are typically taught by experienced Georgian chefs, who will teach you how to make some of the country’s most popular dishes, such as khinkali, khachapuri, and chakhokhbili. 

During the masterclass, you will learn about the different spices that are used in Georgian cuisine, and how to use them to create delicious and authentic dishes. You will also have the opportunity to taste a variety of Georgian wines and brandies. 

Culinary masterclasses with traditional spices in Georgia are a great way to learn about the country’s culture and cuisine in a fun and hands-on way


Rafting in Borjomi National Park 

Rafting in Borjomi National Park is a thrilling and exhilarating experience that is perfect for adventure seekers of all ages. The park is home to the Mtkvari River, which is one of the most popular rafting rivers in Georgia.  

The trip takes about 2-3 hours to complete and covers a distance of about 14 kilometers. During the trip, you will pass through beautiful scenery, including forests, waterfalls, and gorges, and it is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Georgia and to get a taste of the country’s rich culture. The park is also home to a variety of wildlife, including bears, wolves, and deer. 


Wine vessel making 

Wine vessel making in Georgia is a centuries-old tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. The most common type of wine vessel used in Georgia is the qvevri, a large, egg-shaped earthenware pot that is buried in the ground for fermentation and storage. 

Batumi, Georgia – September, 2021: Wine storage place in west Georgia using Kvevri (Qvevri, Tchuri), large earthenware vessels for the fermentation, storage and ageing of traditional Georgian wine By Ivan Semenovych.


Qvevri winemaking is a natural and sustainable process. The qvevris are not lined with any chemicals, and the grapes are fermented without the use of added yeasts or enzymes. This results in a wine that is pure and expressive of the terroir. 



Looking to organize travel to Georgia for your next event or luxury travel? Look no further than our agency. With years of experience in the travel industry, we specialize in creating personalized travel itineraries that cater to your unique needs and preferences. 

Embarking on a Journey Through a Rich Cultural Mosaic and Culinary Treasures!

Prepare to immerse yourself in a captivating world where centuries of tradition blend seamlessly with a vibrant culinary scene. Here, the cuisine and restaurants have achieved a legendary status, ranking amongst the very top in the world. Savor delectable dishes crafted with the finest local ingredients, served in charming eateries that evoke the essence of the destination.

And when it’s time to rest, unwind in cozy accommodations that reflect the warmth of the culture.  

Spain is a country for all seasons, where a great diversity of landscapes unfolds before you, promising adventures in every corner. 


A story curated with passion and love by  beyond-limits-logo  and



Caminito Del Rey – Málaga 

Once the world’s most hazardous footpath, Caminito del Rey promises a truly unique and breath-taking experience. As if walking along a walkway dangling up to 100 metres in the air through Desfiladero de los Gaitanes weren’t enough, parts of the route cling recklessly to the sheer rock face of the gorge.


Caminito del Rey is an awe-inspiring experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. It is also completely safe. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know before your visit to Caminito del Rey so you can really make the most of the experience.  


Discover the wine sherry and brandy route of Marco de Jerez – Jerez 

The best things in life are those experiences we share. Savor and discover. Moreover in the Jerez region they are authentic, the essence of our culture.  

Sherry and Brandy de Jerez are the most international of Spanish wines and spirits. Over the centuries they have seduced many different cultures, from Mexico to the Philippines, from the United States to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. An international success fruit of extraordinary quality and enormous versatility.  


These wines and brandies are the unique legacy of exclusive production methods from which they acquire the delicious complexity that has merited the appreciation of both experts and enthusiasts in all five continents. They are aged slowly following the traditional system of criaderas and solera, dynamic ageing systems that endow them with a fullness of nuances.  



JW Marriott Hotel-Madrid 

JW is a luxury hotel located in the heart of the Spanish capital. It offers stunning views of the city skyline, as well as easy access to all of the city’s major attractions, including the Royal Palace, the Prado Museum, and the Retiro Park. 

The hotel features a variety of amenities, including a rooftop pool, a spa, and a fitness center. It also has several restaurants and bars, serving both traditional Spanish cuisine and international fare. 

The JW Marriott Hotel Madrid is the perfect place to stay for travelers who want to experience the best of what Madrid has to offer. 


Vincci Molviedro – Sevilla 

A boutique hotel located in the historic center of Seville. It is housed in a 16th-century palace that has been beautifully restored. 

The hotel features a variety of amenities, including a rooftop pool, a spa, and a fitness center. It also has a restaurant that serves traditional Andalusian cuisine, the perfect spot for travelers who want to experience the rich culture and history of Seville. 


Paradisus – Gran Canaria 

A luxury resort located on the island of Gran Canaria. It is situated on a beautiful beach and offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

The resort features a variety of amenities, including a swimming pool, a spa, and a fitness center and is the perfect place to stay for travelers who want to relax and rejuvenate in a beautiful setting. 



Spain is an incredible culinary paradise, where rich traditions and diverse regional flavors collide. From the savory paellas of Valencia to the pintxos of Basque Country and the delectable tapas culture, Spain tantalizes taste buds with its vibrant and varied cuisine. 

With 6 restaurants in the Best 50 Restaurants of the World in 2023, it is a hard choice where to pick to go.


NOBU  – Barcelona 

See Barcelona from new heights with newly opened Rooftop at Nobu Hotel.    

The highest in the city, the Rooftop at Nobu Hotel Barcelona is a sun drenched hang-out by day for hotel guests to relax and cool off in the plunge pool and dine on Nobu-Style bites while soaking up the stunning skyline views. In the evening, the Rooftop transforms into a stylish hotspot for locals and guests alike to enjoy pink hued sunsets paired with light bites and handcrafted cocktails.   



Punta Piedra – Alicante  

A new venue with Ibiza style, a space that includes restaurants, spaces for events, an area for concerts… all with views of the sea and close to the center of Alicante.  

It has an interior space (restaurant and terrace), spread over two floors and a capacity of approximately 200 people. And the outdoor area that is 2,000m2 with a large bar in the center, a concert area for DJ sessions and festivals etc.  

Imagine hosting your event here! 


Valhalla Gastro Beach Club – Cádiz 

Valhalla Gastro Beach Club offers four environments with different concepts. “Water” refers to the part of the pool where we can find hammocks and 100 bali beds. This pool area has capacity for 316 people with furniture and 2,000 without furniture.  

“Aire” is the name of the rooftop, located at the highest part with views of the sea and the sunsets, where you can enjoy the cocktail proposal designed by Luca Anastasio, director of bars and mixology at Azotea Grupo. The roof terrace has capacity for 400 people without furniture and 155 with furniture.  

“Fuego” refers to the restaurant with a menu designed by Manuel Berganza, with capacity for 400 people without furniture and 259 with furniture; and, finally, the chill out area, with capacity for 400 people with furniture and 200 without, takes the name “Tierra”.  


Mamzel – Marbella  

Located on the iconic Marbella Golden Mile, one of the most exclusive dining venues in Marbella stands impressively. Modernity, sophistication and exoticism coexist in MAMZEL BY FINCA BESAYA, an exotic and distinguished environment divided into four spaces:  

Park Mamzel; Chill Zone; Cozy Zone and Top Floor.  

Mamzel’s cuisine is based on the cultural diversity of its chefs. In this way, customers coming from any corner of the world will be able to feel identified when sitting at the table. Hence, their menu includes proposals from different international cuisines.  


Asador Etxebarri – Atxondo 

Asador Etxebarri is a culinary oasis nestled in the Basque Country of Spain. It is a place where fire and passion come together to create dishes that are both simple and sublime. 

The restaurant is helmed by chef Victor Arguinzoniz, who has been grilling meats, fish, and vegetables over an open fire for over 30 years. His dedication to his craft is evident in every dish, from the perfectly charred steak to the delicate grilled asparagus. 

The menu at Asador Etxebarri changes daily based on the freshest seasonal ingredients available. However, there are a few signature dishes that have become synonymous with the restaurant, such as the grilled turbot with smoked bone marrow and the wood-fired pigeon. 

Asador Etxebarri, a Michelin rated restaurant and #4 best in the world for 2023, is a truly unique dining experience. It is a place where guests can savor the essence of Basque cuisine in its purest form. 


Disfrutar -Barcelona 

Disfrutar is a culinary playground located in the heart of Barcelona. It is a place where chefs Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch, and Mateu Casañas push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Currently #2 Best Restaurant in the world! 

The restaurant’s menu is a whimsical exploration of flavors and textures. Dishes such as the oyster with nitro foam and the Iberian pork with caviar are both playful and delicious. 

Disfrutar is a place where guests can expect the unexpected. It is a restaurant that challenges the senses and leaves diners with a lasting impression. 



Culture and fun with our “traditions” workshops  

Step into Spanish culture by learning to dance flamenco, learn the “Hand fan language”, how to play castanets or flamenco box drum, build human towers, touring high-end boutiques with a local fashion designer, or exploring our ancient painted caves.


Spain is our home, and we want you to see first-hand what makes it so extraordinary.  



Looking to organize travel to Spain for your next event or luxury travel? Look no further than our agency. With years of experience in the travel industry, we specialize in creating personalized travel itineraries that cater to your unique needs and preferences. 

From Desert to Vineyard: A Culinary Odyssey through diverse landscapes and flavors !

Fall under the spell of Chile’s majestic and varied landscapes !

Nestled along the rugged spine of a continent, this enchanting land boasts a geographical resume that’ll make your head spin. From the driest desert on Earth to lush vineyards rivaling those in Europe, its landscapes are a visual feast. 

 And speaking of feasts, prepare your taste buds for a culinary adventure like no other. Savor delectable seafood by the shores, indulge in mouthwatering barbecue, and wash it all down with world-class wines. This place is a hidden gem waiting for you to explore its wonders, both on the plate and beyond.

This place is a hidden gem waiting for you to explore its wonders !

A story curated with passion and love by  beyond-limits-logo  and




Chilean Patagonia beckons with its pristine wilderness and awe-inspiring landscapes so don’t miss the chance to explore this untouched paradise. 

Here’s what you should visit: 


Majestic Glaciers: Witness the stunning beauty of glaciers like Grey and Balmaceda. 

Torres del Paine: Hike amidst the iconic granite spires of this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 

Breathtaking Fjords: Sail through the dramatic fjords of southern Chile. 


Unique Wildlife: Encounter penguins, guanacos, and condors in their natural habitat. 

Starry Skies: Stargaze in one of the world’s clearest night skies. 



Visit the Atacama Desert for a surreal journey into otherworldly landscapes, including Martian terrain in the Valley of the Moon, world-class stargazing in the driest desert of the world, geothermal marvels at El Tatio, vast salt flats like Salar de Atacama, and unique flora and fauna. This desert is a captivating destination for those seeking nature’s wonders. 



Visit Santiago and the surrounding wine region for a harmonious blend of urban sophistication and bucolic charm. In Santiago, explore its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning architecture. Then, journey to the nearby wine valleys, such as Maipo and Casablanca, to savor exquisite wines amid picturesque vineyards. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply seeking a delightful getaway, this region offers a delightful fusion of city life and wine country elegance, promising an unforgettable experience.



Easter Island, a remote Polynesian paradise in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, beckons with its enigmatic moai statues, pristine beaches, and rich cultural heritage. Explore the mysteries of these colossal stone figures, soak in the island’s unique blend of Polynesian and Chilean influences, and indulge in the serene beauty of its natural landscapes. This captivating destination offers an unforgettable journey through history, culture, and natural wonders. 




Explora Lodge in Torres del Paine is a wilderness haven offering exceptional comfort and guided exploration of Patagonia’s natural wonders. Stay here to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring landscapes and enjoy unparalleled access to adventure in this pristine national park. 



The Nayara Alto Atacama is a cocoon in the middle of the desert, a luxury hotel located in the Atacama Desert in Chile. It offers stunning views of the desert mountains and access to a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and stargazing. 



Luxury Amidst Vineyards 

Majadas de Pirque offers a luxurious escape nestled in the heart of Chile’s wine country. With elegant suites, a tranquil spa, and stunning vineyard views, it’s the perfect retreat for wine enthusiasts and those seeking a serene, wine-filled getaway




Mestizo restaurant in Chile is a culinary gem, offering a fusion of traditional Chilean flavors and modern creativity. Dine here to savor exquisite dishes that celebrate the country’s culinary heritage while embracing contemporary gastronomy. 



Castillo Forestal in Chile is a culinary masterpiece set within a historic castle-like building. Indulge in exquisite cuisine amidst art and culture, making it an ideal choice for a romantic dinner or a special celebration in a captivating ambiance. 



Borago in Chile amongst top 30 best restaurants in the world for 2023,  is a gastronomic adventure that celebrates Chilean biodiversity. Dine here to experience innovative dishes that showcase native ingredients and traditional techniques, offering a truly unique and memorable culinary journey. 




Hiking in Torres del Paine National Park: This is the most popular national park in Patagonia and is home to stunning hiking trails including the iconic “W” and “O” circuits and breathtaking viewpoints. 

Visit Remote Villages: Explore charming towns like Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas. 

Wildlife Watching: Spot penguins, whales, guanacos, condors, and more in their natural habitat. 

Kayaking: Paddle through pristine fjords, lakes, and rivers. 

Horseback Riding: Discover the wilderness on horseback, a unique way to connect with nature. 

Cruise the Fjords: Sail through dramatic fjords, enjoying stunning vistas. 


Looking to organize travel to Chile for leisure or business purposes?
Look no further than our agency. With years of experience in the travel industry, we specialize in creating personalized travel itineraries that cater to your unique needs and preferences.

Looking for a perfect getaway with captivating coastlines, charming streets, and delightful cuisine? Look no further!

Portugal, a country of captivating beauty and rich cultural heritage, offers a plethora of unforgettable experiences for travelers. From the picturesque landscapes to the vibrant cities, Portugal has something to offer for everyone. But what truly sets this country apart are the unique and exciting events that take place throughout the year. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a music lover, or a foodie, Portugal’s event calendar is packed with diverse and exciting happenings that will make your visit truly memorable. 

A story curated with passion and love by  beyond-limits-logo and



Portugal offers a wealth of cultural experiences that will leave a lasting impression. From historical landmarks to breathtaking landscapes, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in this captivating country. Let’s explore some of the must-visit destinations and activities that will make your trip to Portugal truly unforgettable. 



Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, is a treasure trove of history, culture, and stunning architecture. Start your journey in the charming neighborhood of Alfama, where narrow streets, colorful buildings, and the iconic São Jorge Castle create a magical atmosphere. Visit the historic Belém district to marvel at the Belém Tower and the Jerónimos Monastery, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. Don’t forget to take a ride on one of Lisbon’s iconic yellow trams for a nostalgic trip through the city’s picturesque streets. 



Just a short distance from Lisbon lies the enchanting town of Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its fairytale-like castles and palaces. Explore the colorful Pena Palace, perched on a hilltop and offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Wander through the mystical Quinta da Regaleira, with its hidden tunnels, lush gardens, and intricate architecture. Sintra’s unique blend of natural beauty and architectural wonders will transport you to a different era. 



No visit to Portugal would be complete without savoring the country’s renowned cuisine. And Porto, the second-largest city in Portugal, is the perfect place to embark on a culinary adventure. Sample the iconic Port wine in one of the city’s many cellars, located in the historic Vila Nova de Gaia district. Explore the bustling Mercado do Bolhão, where you can find an array of fresh produce, local delicacies, and traditional crafts. And don’t forget to indulge in a francesinha, Porto’s signature sandwich, a mouthwatering combination of bread, meat, and melted cheese. 




The Ivens 

Like an oasis hidden in the city (but not hidden from it), The Ivens is inspired by the journey of Ivens and Capelo, 19th-century Portuguese explorers who visited Africa. As soon as you walk through the door, you’re greeted by tropical plants, parrots, macaws, beetles, velvet armchairs, and golden details. The 87 rooms allude to flora and fauna through notes of color in the wallpaper and carpets. The in-house restaurant, Rocco, is already one of the places to be right now in Lisbon, fully booked day after day by creatives, artists, and bohemians.



Evolution Hotel 

The new EVOLUTION Cascais-Estoril is passion at first check-in. Vibrant, modern, tech friendly and cosmopolitan – a new concept of lifestyle & pet friendly hotel. With breathtaking views over the Atlantic, beaches with natural pools, close to Tamariz and the Casino.


Legacy Hotel Cascais Curio by Hilton 

Sophisticated yet very comfortable hotel “Legacy Hotel Cascais, Curio Collection By Hilton” is located in Cascais. This hotel is located near the city center and offers a cool , fresh and comfortable stay to its visitors.       



Renaissance Porto Lapa 

Welcome to Porto’s newest hotspot for lifestyle experiences 

Its unique and distinctive Restaurant offers an authentic Mediterranean experience in a trendy and relaxed setting. The Cocktail Bar and Terrace is anchored by a ceiling edge feature, where bottles proudly perch. It offers a boutique lounge exuding quiet refinement and sophistication, where guests indulge the classic flavors and experimental twists.               


GA Palace 

Set in the heart of Porto, Hotel G.A Palace blends luxury décor and a homely feel with modern construction birthing new life to this early 20th century building that was owned by the same family for three generations.  

Often referred to as an Oasis in the city, GA’s sprawling gardens and year round pool are some of the main features of the welcoming outdoor areas. 

It’s located within a short walk of some of the city’s most famous monuments, its best restaurants and quirkiest bars, making it easy for you to enjoy most of what this alluring city has to offer. 





With 3 Michelin stars on the way, Miguel Rocha Vieira accepted the challenge of returning to Portugal to take over the gastronomic leadership of this Amphibian family, promising not to forget the country’s enormous gastronomic heritage. 

“Part of the building is built underwater, the bathrooms, for example, are completely submerged, as well as the kitchen. A great place, and it could not be otherwise, having been designed by the great architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça, which had the challenge of designing and transforming Anfibio into the new talk of the town and place to be…   



A legendary Lisbon establishment that opened its doors as a men’s club in 1958, Belcanto took on a new life when chef José Avillez took the helm in 2012. Under his culinary navigation, the restaurant has progressed to become the finest in Portugal. 

The intimate restaurant lies under high, vaulted ceilings and minimalist chandeliers, while light streams through the high windows. Belcanto, takes diners on a gastronomic journey of contemporary Portuguese cuisine, and it is listed in the Best 100 Restaurants of the world.    



Lota da Esquina 

In Cascais, chef Vítor Sobral opened the doors of the Docapesca building and introduced us to his new restaurant, Lota da Esquina. The space is one, but Lota da Esquina encompasses three concepts: a fish restaurant (Mar), a meat restaurant (Terra) and a bar with a dancing area. 



Now that you have a glimpse of the incredible events and attractions Portugal has to offer, it’s time to plan your trip. Here are some practical tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey: 

Spinach Car: A unique and fun way of exploring the secrets of the streets of Lisbon 

Hey there, thrill-seeking explorers! Brace yourselves for Spinach cars – the zaniest sightseeing extravaganza ever! Hop in our eco-friendly, chatty car that’s armed with razor-sharp wit, insider secrets, and a pinch of crazy humor. Brace for hidden gems, jaw-dropping landmarks, and non-stop laughs, as the car keeps the banter pumping all the way! 


Sailing with a Catamaran 

Sailing with a catamaran in Portugal is a real aquatic pleasure! Embrace the excitement of gliding across blue waters, wind in hair, and sun’s warmth. Revel in freedom to discover secluded beaches, hidden caves, and charming fishing villages, creating cherished memories amidst scenic coastal landscapes.


Festa do Espumante

If you’re a wine connoisseur, Festa do Espumante in Bairrada is an event you won’t want to miss. Known for its exceptional sparkling wines, the region comes alive every summer with this sparkling wine festival. Visitors can sample a wide variety of sparkling wines from local wineries, accompanied by delicious regional cuisine. The festival also includes live music, traditional dances, and fascinating wine tours, providing a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Portuguese winemaking. 



Ready to explore Portugal for leisure or business? Your search ends here! Our agency is your travel expert, armed with years of industry experience. Count on us to craft personalized itineraries that perfectly match your needs and preferences. Let’s embark on an unforgettable journey together! 

Discovering the Magic of the Happiest People on Earth 

Denmark is a country that boasts a rich history and captivating seascapes, making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Viking culture and sea adventures. This small country is home to some of the most impressive Viking ruins and museums in the world, offering a glimpse into the fascinating past of this ancient civilization. Furthermore, Denmark’s stunning coastline provides ample opportunities for thrilling water sports, from kayaking to windsurfing. Whether you’re a history buff, an adrenaline junkie, or simply looking for a unique travel experience, Denmark is the perfect place to explore.                                                             

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Fifty Shades of Green with 3 activities 

Discover why Copenhagen is considered Europe’s green city. This program includes the discovery of three places with very different solutions for sustainable development. 



Bybi, a non-profit honey company, invites people to join a community that includes bees, flowers, and humans with the motto “Honey is something we make together”. Bybi focuses not only on honey-making but also on making the city greener, teaching in schools and refugee centers, and working with volunteers who face problems integrating into society.  



It’s a self-governing community of about 900 people who live in colorful houses and practice an alternative lifestyle. You can walk around the area, admire the street art, buy some souvenirs, or enjoy a meal at one of the cafes. Just remember to respect the rules of Christiania: no photos, no hard drugs, and no running (it causes panic).


Also known as Amager Bakke, Copenhill is an industrial waterfront power plant capable of converting 450,000 tonnes of waste into clean energy each year. 

Constructed by Bjarke Ingels, it is notable for the many sports and recreational activities it offers.  

“A clear example of hedonistic sustainability – that a sustainable city is not only better for the environment – it is also better for the lives of its citizens.” 



The Absolute alternative SPA experience 


Even though the baths are open-air, there is no need to worry about the weather. Each season has its own charm, and the heated water will ensure that you don’t get cold, even during the winter. 


Relax in a hot tub heated to 40 degrees by the wood fire. 

If you feel too hot, step into the ice bath to cool down. This will surely boost your blood circulation. 



Hotel NH 5* 

Scandinavia’s first NH Hotel opened in 2021 in the picturesque Christianshavn area of Copenhagen.  The building’s façade has been completely renovated in keeping with the original 1962 building, with its clean lines and shapes. Environmental efforts are well represented in the hotel, with its huge green roof (3,428 m2!), the use of seawater to cool the building, and the intelligent control of light and indoor climate. 

The chic and calm interior is inspired by the industrial and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city and its bustling port.  

The hotel offers 394 modern and Scandinavian rooms. 



Copenhagen is a culinary wonderland for food travelers with 15 Michelin-starred restaurants, two of which hold three stars and have topped the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list, Geranium (currently no 1 in the World!) and Alchemist (currently no 18) and not mentioning NOMA which created a world-changing experience when it first opened. 

However, instead of the usual places, we have some amazing suggestions for you that showcase Denmark’s innovative culinary scene. 



Feel like dining among heads of cabbage and lettuces on Denmark’s first rooftop farm? 

You don’t know what to expect when you climb the spiral staircase outside what looks like an ordinary building in the Østerbro district. At the top of this former car auction house, you will find the Østergro farm and its restaurant. 

Livia and Kristian, have teamed up with a handful of people to run the farm and its restaurant, Gro Spiseri. Dinners take place in the cozy greenhouse with its long table for 24 people, heated by a multifunctional oven in the kitchen. 


In the heart of Copenhagen’s old Latin Quarter, you’ll find Vækst, a friendly and lively bistro. Its name means “growth” and its cuisine is based mainly on vegetables, seasonal and local. 

The menu is not the only thing that’s green in the restaurant, as the decor is centered around a beautiful greenhouse, stretching up through the restaurant’s two floors. The rooms are filled with hanging plants, drawing nature in all the way to the table, while the many lovely lights create an atmosphere mimicking a Danish summer evening that never ends. The restaurant has a private room for 30 guests.


There’s an underground rock’n’roll vibe to this bright, modern restaurant, tucked away in a former pencil factory, accessible via a graffiti-covered elevator. 

Indeed, Alouette is located in a courtyard that houses several music studios, as well as the carpentry workshop Københavns Møbelsnedkeri.  

The floors, the kitchen, the furniture, everything is designed by them. 

Michelin-starred, Alouette works closely with local farmers to ensure ingredients are at their ideal level of ripeness, and dishes are clean, balanced, and sublimely flavored, with sauces taking pride in place. 


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Finding the perfect alternative destination filled with friendliness, activities, and unique experiences 

If you are thinking of a majestic destination for your next event or incentive trip, do not come to Uruguay. 

The immensity and opulence that emerge from the concept of majestic contrasts with what Uruguay represents, a boutique destination to host more than events, and unique experiences with a level of personalization and professionalism that we are convinced will generate memorable memories for your guests. 

Uruguay is strategically hidden between two giants like Argentina and Brazil. It is presented as an alternative for those who prioritize security, warmth in treatment, proximity, and the know-how of its professionals together with incredible venues and significant connectivity with the rest of the region. 

As your future hosts, we invite you to discover through this article some of the secrets that Uruguay has best kept to receive you! 

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Uruguay is a small, friendly nation located only one hour from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and 2,5 hours from Sao Paulo, Brazil where distances practically do not exist and all the country’s resources are at hand. 

Excellent river and ocean beaches with tranquil waters for people looking to relax or waves that will make surfers try them as soon as they see them. 

A wide range of Farms (also called Estancias) where you will be able to disconnect yourself from the world and enjoy contact with nature, peace & quiet, bird watching, go hiking, horseback riding, learning how to saddle a horse as well as many other “gaucho activities” or just read a book by the fireplace. 

Cultural Tourism and historical places such as Colonia del Sacramento, UNESCO World Heritage since 1996, or Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, are also available for those eager to get to know more about Uruguay’s culture and history. Architecture lovers will marvel at Montevideo’s eclectic influence, as well as its great amount of museums – many of them free of charge. 

Groups and team-building activities can also be offered, such as treasure hunts, cooking lessons, races, and fairs, among others. 


Whale Watching

Between July and October each year, you´ll witness one of nature´s miracles: the Southern right whale visit to the coasts of Maldonado and Rocha. Enjoy this whale-watching route with more than fifty years of history and follow them responsibly!

In a natural environment, from both land or aboard a ship, you can watch these sea giants. Seeing their V-shaped spout, since they come to Uruguayan shores to mate and socialize, and often give birth.

The South Atlantic coasts are part of the migration route of the Southern right whale. During Summer, they feed on tons of krill near Antarctica (Falkland and southern Georgia islands), to start their migration towards Peninsula Valdés (Argentina), Maldonado, and Rocha (Uruguay) in search of warmer, calmer waters, until they reach Imbituba, Ferrugem (Santa Catarina, Brazil)

The adventure of watching them on the ship is as moving as watching them from the shore. Different companies provide sea trips from Piriapolis Port.


Beach Tourism

The Uruguayan coast is as vast as it is diverse. Nature, family-friendly environments, sightseeing, and adrenaline all come together to offer amazing and unique experiences. There are small beaches surrounded by nature, or wild coasts ideal for water sports: beach lovers of all kinds always find what they were looking for, and more. 

Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, is a business, event, and cultural center, and has great beaches right here in town. 

  1. Piriápolis is another beach paradise to discover, with a European-style Oceanside avenue.
  2. Punta del Este is a fitting alternative for high-end beachgoers, with a variety of services, and the latest trends in design, fashion, and cuisine.
  3. Cabo Polonio is a gem by the Atlantic Ocean for a small beach-town vibe.

Other beaches such as La Paloma and Punta del Diablo are a must-go for surfers. After the sun goes down everyone comes out to have a good time. Go out to eat, catch a movie or a concert, or just stay in and contemplate the sky as it changes color and the stars come out. 


Culture and Heritage 

To contemplate unique examples of art deco style, decipher candombe, indulge in the specificities of Uruguayan tango, or discover why some Uruguayan landmarks have earned the UNESCO distinction, are just some of the cultural and heritage tourism alternatives that visitors can enjoy in Uruguay. 

As an introduction, it can be said that folk traditions, indigenous ancestors, the Afro-Uruguayan heritage, and the import of European immigrant customs have turned Uruguayan cultural expressions intorich and diverse heritage. 

Tango is recognized as one of the greatest cultural contributions of the River Plate region to the world. It embraces dance, music, song, and poetry at the same time. In September 2009, it was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Unquestionably, Uruguayan Carnival is another feature of the local culture that deserves the attention of visitors. It is the longest in the world and features a colorful array of parades and shows that start in late January and continues until mid-March.


Candombe is part of this great celebration and is one of the most popular expressions of Uruguayans. Its roots go back to the arrival of African slaves in Montevideo during colonial times. In 2009, along with tango, it was also proclaimed an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Uruguayan theater is one of the most important in Latin America. The country has more than 70 operating theater rooms with a remarkably extensive and varied billboard including classic and modern plays for the most diverse tastes.

Uruguay also offers a wide range of museums and cultural centers where visitors can appreciate the work of national artists such as Juan Manuel Blanes, Rafael Barradas, Pedro Figari, Joaquín Torres García, and José Cúneo, among others.

At the architectural level, Uruguay preserves unique examples of Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, which are hardly seen in other parts of the world. Other architectural landmarks are the famous creations in reinforced ceramics and brick by engineer Eladio Dieste, which have aroused the interest of worldwide architects.


Sailing and Cruises 

Cruise tourism is one of the fastest-growing tourism activities in the world. Uruguay is a clear example of this growth, boasting a number of cruise passengers disembarking that exceeds 400 thousand and averages 160 moorings. 

There are several reasons why cruise passengers choose Uruguay as their destination. Security, the cordiality and friendliness of its citizens, the accessibility of currency exchange, multiple options when it comes to shopping, and great gastronomy are just some of them. 

Uruguay offers great opportunities for the development of water tourism activities. The country has 718 kilometers of coastline (240 km on the Atlantic Ocean) and a dense network of natural waterways, which provide an ideal setting for the enjoyment of water activities. This network is formed by four main basins: Río de la Plata, Río Uruguay, Río Negro, and Laguna Merín. 

Tourists can find a wide range of possibilities, whether it is sailing in privileged natural areas, taking boat trips, sport fishing, or doing water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, and boating. 


Tourism LGBT+ 

We welcome the LGBT+ community and here in the capital of Montevideo, there is a group of private businesses called Mesa Friendly which is in constant contact with different sectors of the tourism industry. The organization aims to provide all tourists with personalized information so that they can have a great experience. Uruguay has always been a pioneer in civil rights in the continent and since the 20th century, many advances have been made towards progress such as workers’ and civil rights, including anti-discrimination laws self-appointed gender registrations, child adoption for civil unions, and same-sex marriages. In 2015, Montevideo was rated the most gay-friendly city in the continent, ahead of Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Ciudad de México, and Guadalajara, according to Sentido G magazine. 

In the 2020 annual index prepared by Spartacus Traveler, the most important LGBT+ tourism guide in the world, Uruguay occupies 5th place in the global ranking as a friendly and safe destination for this segment due to the treatment and its advanced anti-discrimination regulations.


Religious Tourism 

While Uruguay is a State not profess any particular creed, the country has a varied agenda of religious festivals, celebrations, and pilgrimages. spiritual, mystical, or devotional centers, can be visited in each of the 19 departments. Beyond their beliefs, tourists can appreciate the historical, heritage, and architectural richness of the temples, works of art in paintings, and stained glass images that create spaces for contemplation. In addition, Uruguay has energy points that bring visitors attracted by the mystical experiences and the wonderful landscapes of these places. 


Countryside and nature 

Just a few kilometers away, Uruguay has many attractive landscapes to offer where you can enjoy a nice horseback ride, go hang gliding, enjoy guided vehicle tours on all sorts of terrain, go mountain biking and try a zip line amongst many other things. 

Playing an active role in the typical tasks of the countryside and experiencing traditions such as milking, cattle herding, planting, harvesting, kneading, and branding, are some of the most genuine experiences that tourists can have in Uruguay. 

Our countryside offers a wide variety of experiences as well as the possibility of noticing unique aromas and natural flavors. Since the beginning, cattle breeding has been Uruguay’s main economic activity; especially sheep and beef cattle raising. Dairy, meat, wool-related activities, and leather work are deeply rooted in the country’s traditions and are an integral part of Uruguayans’ identity. 


Wineries and vineyards 

Uruguay enjoys a privileged geographical position that enables it to be a leading country in the production of wines. Located between parallels 30 and 35 (south latitude), Uruguay shares the location of the best wine regions of Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Its clay soil, balanced sunshine, rain, and temperatures are optimal conditions for the vineyards growing on its gentle rolling land. 

Wine lovers will find a great variety of wineries in Uruguay offering tours, wine tastings, and hosting special parties and events. 

All seasons have their charm for wine tourism in Uruguay. For example, in March, the country’s main tourist wineries open their doors to share the best of their crops during the Harvest Festival. During this festival, visitors can get a quick introduction to the production activity, and equipped with scissors and a basket, they can experiment with the pleasure of harvesting on their own. 

In winter, between May and June, wineries propose tourists enjoy one of the most traditional and perfect pairings: lamb and Tannat, as well as various artistic performances and activities that complement the food and wine proposals. 


Colonia del Sacramento 

Colonia del Sacramento is a popular tourist destination in Uruguay, attracting visitors from around the world. The city’s charm is rooted in its unique history, having been ruled by both the Portuguese and Spanish, resulting in a blend of architectural and urban styles. The historic center, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is a must-visit destination for its narrow, cobbled streets and stunning views of Río de la Plata. Visitors can enjoy museums, art, handicrafts, local cuisine, and quality hotels, with options ranging from international chains to quaint posadas. The city’s promenade leads to Real de San Carlos, a former Spanish military enclave, where visitors can see the San Benito church and the Plaza de Toros. Colonia del Sacramento’s sunsets are a highlight, best enjoyed from the lighthouse or old pier.

Enjoying Colonia’s nature and rural ranches 

Colonia offers a charming experience in nature unlike any other, attractive and varied in nature, offering several options for rural tourism. Enjoy a typical “asado con cuero” (Uruguayan barbecue, cooked within the cow’s skin) or other Criollo delicacies. Visit tourist “tambos” (milking yards), go on a horseback ride, and breathe in the fresh and healthy air around you, all while appreciating rural tradition. 

The rural establishments of Colonia combine agro-tourism, healthy living, ecology, Criollo gastronomy, and rural traditions. 



Estancia VIK 

Tranquility and exclusivity to get on the move is at large the imprint of this hotel located in José Ignacio where families are offered several active tourism proposals such as paintball, horseback riding, kayaks, and fishing in the Laguna de José Ignacio. Nature lovers can also choose between several nature trails to do by bike or on foot, contemplating wildlife. The facility also has tennis and golf courts, a swimming pool, a playroom, and a pool. 

Location: Camino Saiz Martínez Km 8, José Ignacio, Uruguay. 



Just 50 minutes from Punta del Este, Sacramento is located in the Maldonado landscapes, it includes a vineyard and four luxury lodges in a minimalist format. 



La Huella

Twenty years ago, three friends set out to make a dream come true in José Ignacio, Uruguay: the creation of a small beach parador like the ones that existed in the 50s. That challenge materialized and their restaurant became an iconic site. Recently their story became a documentary and was shown on the tv.



I’Marangatúis a restaurant and beach club located in Punta del Este, Uruguay. It offers a variety of dishes, such as sushi, seafood, pasta, and grilled meats, as well as a panoramic view of Mansa beach. It is open every day of the year and has a modern and cozy design. It is also a place with history, as it was visited by celebrities and jet-setters in the past.

Lo de Tere

Lo de Tere is a restaurant located in Punta del Este, Uruguay. It specializes in international, Latin, seafood, and European cuisine. It has a view of the port and Gorriti island.



When it comes to traveling, it is overwhelming to plan every detail of your trip. That’s where experienced travel organizers come in. By choosing to work with us, you’ll receive the expertise and insider knowledge that only a local can provide, ensuring that your trip is not only seamless but also unforgettable.

Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, we have the resources to create a customized itinerary that meets your unique needs and interests. From discovering hidden gems to experiencing the country’s vibrant culture and cuisine, we’ll handle every aspect of your trip, leaving you with nothing to worry about except enjoying your time in Uruguay

Trust us to make your journey an unforgettable one.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure to the Emerald Isle? 

Stunning natural beauty, rich history, friendly locals, and vibrant music and local dance! From the dramatic Cliffs of Moher to the picturesque countryside, Ireland offers a variety of breathtaking landscapes to explore.  The country is also steeped in history and boasts numerous ancient sites and castles, as well as  fascinating literature and music heritage. 

A story curated with passion and love by  beyond-limits-logo    and



Old Town Dublin 

Dublin’s old town center is a must-visit for history buffs. It is home to some of Ireland’s most iconic historic sites, including Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The narrow, winding streets are lined with traditional pubs, shops, and restaurants, offering visitors a glimpse into the city’s past and present. 

Start your walk from the famous Temple Bar district and then move on to Trinity College where the ancient Book of Kells is located and finish your tour by exploring Dublin’s fascinating Vikings past by seamlessly moving to the oldest part of the city – the Medieval Quarter. This is where the original Dubh Linn settlement was located and it became a centre of Viking power.

Trinity College

Wicklow Mountains

Just one hour away from Dublin this beautiful national park makes you feel lost in nature thanks to the beauty of its mountains, forests, and lakes. Including the famous Guinness lake, which looks like a pint of Guinness from above. Wicklow was a filming location of many well-known movies, for example, Braveheart, The Count of Monte Cristo, Haywire, Frank and King Arthur, and Vikings – just to name a few.

Lough Tay, Wicklow








Galway – another medieval must-see city in Ireland, located on the west coast of the country. Reaching Galway by train is highly recommended as it’s more comfortable and can help the guests to lower the carbon footprint of the trip.  

One or more carriages can be hired exclusively for your guests and catering can be organized.  

 The best way to explore Galway’s higgledy-piggledy streets is on foot combined with tasting local delicatessen and listening to stories from locals born and bred on the west coast. 

‘On the Edge of the World’ A bheil Gàidhlig agad*?

Adventure in the most remote part of Ireland – ‘On the Edge of the World’Aran Islands, where one feels again part of nature and where the old Gaelic language (*do you speak Gaelic?) is still spoken and the Celtic culture is untouched by globalization.

Walking, cycling on horse carriages – the best way to see the island. Visit a traditional goat cheese farm, a seaweed farm, and Aran sweaters weaving center and of course, eat great food, talk to local people, and soak up this escape from the fast stressful daily life.  


Cliffs of Moher and Doolin 

Burren National Park – is the area where Celtic druids used to live in caves, so it’s steeped in mystery and ancient traditions. This is why  Tolkien got inspired here, to write the Lord of the Rings.

Another stunning landscape, included in the Nature Wonder of the World list – Cliffs of Moher, offers a diversity that is second to none. There is the natural beauty of the 330 million years old limestone pavements a vast array of flora, including Arctic and Alpine flowers. 

Near there,  Doolin is a great place to visit because it has beautiful coastal and sunset views and has a long-standing reputation as the home of Ireland’s traditional music and folk scene, with year-round trad sessions in its local pubs. 




The Marker 5* hotel, is an ultra-modern property located in the Docklands area of central Dublin – also referred to as ‘The Silicon Valley of Europe’, as all the biggest tech companies in the world are based here. It’s a great contrast to the medieval feel of old Dublin – to highlight the diversity of this unique city. 



Ashford Castle 5* luxury hotel, is the former home of the Guinness Family. This magnificent and unique castle is the only hotel in Ireland in the category of Forbes Five Star. It is also a great sustainable property having received many Green Awards and working closely with the local community. 




Chef Mickael Vilkjanen has been the talent behind the stoves of one of Dublin’s best restaurants since 2021, injecting new culinary creativity, which has been rewarded with 2 Michelin stars. Vilkjanen, a long-time resident of Ireland combines his Nordic sensibilities (he was born in Sweden and grew up in Finland) with sublime haute skills and decadent ingredients like foie gras, hand-dived scallops and inventive renderings of Irish produce like a Mossfield Gouda steamed soufflé with macadamia, truffle, and Vin Jaune. The three-course lunch is a more affordable way to experience one of Ireland’s most exciting dining rooms and be sure to space for the dedicated Irish coffee trolley. 



This local institution, which also incorporates a fishmongers and food store next door, is something of a fixture of the seaside suburb of Glasthule on the south side of the city and has also just had a bougie new revamp. Irish seafood plays a starring role on the menu – there are oysters, house seafood chowder, pan-tossed crab claws from the coastal waters of County Clare, poached fish, and surf and turf in the form of sirloin, crevettes, and bearnaise sauce. Try and snag a table on the first floor, where you are also treated to panoramic views out to sea across Dublin Bay. 



A private organic cozy and friendly farm in the middle of Wicklow Mountains, owned by a charming Irish chef, who appears on many international cookery shows. She is a master of Irish hospitality and if the guests want, they can try baking real Irish scones or bread – all out of local or homegrown ingredients – truly therapeutic activity. 



Dancing Irish Folk Songs

Traditional Irish dance is an important part of Irish culture and history, with roots dating back centuries. It is often performed to the sound of classic Irish songs. From famous Riverdance show to folk music sessions in pubs where everyone gets on their feet and starts dancing , there is no other place on the planet to get you up and immediately start dancing.

So pick up a nice authentic Irish pub, sip a pint of Guinness (or two)  and be ready to sing and dance to soulful Irish songs like ‘Molly Molone’ while letting yourself blend, into the energetic vibe of the participating local crowd.








Whiskey Tasting 

Great place for the first evening in Dublin – Roe & Co whiskey distillery occupies a unique building – a former power station. George Roe was one of the pioneers of Irish whiskey and a private tour here with a workshop in whiskey blending – will be an immersive trip into the history of whiskey and Dublin alike.  

This is also a great place for dinner – with the menu paired with various whiskeys, and creative tapas styles in a cool setting. 

Pub Crawling 

The pub – is a quintessential part of Irish culture. Here the Irish come when they are happy and sad, it’s the heart of the local community. Hence we recommend starting to get to know Dublin by visiting a few cherry-picked pubs – away from touristy routes, the authentic historic places, which are mentioned in James Joyce’s books. 


The Guinness Experience 

This is a wonderful interactive center dedicated to the main drink in Ireland – Guinness. It’s creative, and modern, yet steeped in history, and will impress even non-beer drinkers, for example with excellent food. Did you know that oysters are best served with Guinness? A modern twist on Irish dancing – Guinness style – and Celtic drumming – will be excellent additions to the evening.


Mountain Biking and Trekking 

The best way to connect with nature is to experience it on the move – how about mountain biking and  trekking, or even a run with a group of friends or colleagues – breathing the freshest air, enjoying the magnificent scenery, and letting go of the everyday routine. 

There is a beautiful eco-trail in Wicklow.


Bespoke and creative adventure with a focus on sustainability and immersive connection to the local culture and nature.  Values – creative, connected, caring. 

GoodCause Travel & Events always design programs with a positive impact in all three areas of sustainability:
-good for the planet
-good for the people
-good for the prosperity


Namibia!  Your twice-in-a- lifetime escape – Because, once is not enough.

Namibia often called Africa for beginners needs to be on your bucket list. 

A large country, yet sparsely populated, cocoons you between the wide-open spaces and the big sky.  As a solo traveller, a group or a couple, the safety and cleanliness carry you along through differing landscapes, from dunes to bush to saltpans to coast. Within one country you regain your soul, recharge your life and leave in an awe of what the world has to offer.  And to assist you on your journey: good linen, wonderful cuisine and great, friendly service, because there is no harm in being comfortable while you traverse Africa’s best. 

The rich culture of Namibia, from the indigenous people to the long-established families of hospitality, to the wildlife, will amaze and enchant your mind on a daily basis, while your soul and body arrive at a feeling of peace you did not know possible. 

View from the Moon Mountain Lodge located near the Namib-Naukluft National Park next to Solitaire and Sesriem, Namibia, Africa.

A story curated with passion and love by  beyond-limits-logo  and



Scorpions on a night walk? Stargazing an unspoilt milky way? Champagne breakfast after a hot air balloon ride? Visiting the oldest and highest dunes of Sossusvlei? Whichever you choose, luxury lodges are in abundance. These even come complete with private splash pools and jaw-dropping views.  

A two-night stay here is an absolute must. Whether you are a novice on a smartphone or a professional photographer with a big lens, the best photography opportunities are early mornings or at sunset. 

Sossusvlei and Deadvlei promise the best photographs you will ever take. 


Whether your accommodation preference is tented or Ultra-Luxury, Etosha National Park has everything to offer, irrespective of the gate you use. During the winter months, an abundance of wildlife frequents the many watering holes. In the green summer months, the game wanders all over the park. 

The lodges keep track of where the last animals were spotted by guests and locals. Alternatively, your private guide has inside knowledge on where to spot the most animals throughout the park.

Most lodges also have varying wildlife on the property, so guests can enjoy evening sunsets, and storytelling around the campfire while experiencing the glorious, safer animals around them.


Often described as the entire Namibian Coastline from the Kunene River to the Swakop River, the landscape, the accommodation and the action varies.

Get the best of both worlds on the sand dunes between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay in the oldest desert in the world.

Swakopmund is known as the playground of Namibia, offering action and adventure.  Excursions here include a private dinner in the Moon Landscape, the best fishing from the beach or sea, quad biking in the dunes, dolphin cruise excursions and so much more.  The fun never ends.

Excursions into the desert satisfy old and young, speed freaks as well as historians and nature lovers. The position of the ocean and the sand dunes creates a view that has been the same for centuries, looked at by everything from beetles to geckos, to jackals, to oryx.

Take a sandboard, gliding down a dune at your own steam and gravity, with the whispering of the sand granules in your ears.

Fat bike riding in the dunes is a new attraction. Surprisingly this activity is suited to all fitness levels due to the size of the bike tyres.

Get wet in a kayak, paddling out to see the dolphins and met halfway by inquisitive seals. They have been known to behave playfully by jumping over the prow of your kayak. Afterwards, head back to shore for hot coffee and a fabulous German roll. The seal colony and Namibia does not fail to surprise.

For the twitchers, Namibia is a paradise. Surprisingly, there are a few, rarely sighted birds in the North and 5 Ramsar sites, home to the seasonal, stately pink flamingos in Walvis Bay.

Further North is a more rugged and remote coastline. Famous for shipwrecks, jackals and the occasional Oryx that makes it to the ocean through the desert. The more remote the location, the more luxurious the accommodation and beguiling the setting. 



Throughout the country there will be options for Spa facilities, waking up early to do your journaling with sunrise, communing with wild animals not found so easily in other countries and fine dining with the best sunsets in the world.



Namibia has 11 ethnic groups located throughout the country, with 2 of the 5 most untouched, and there is an opportunity to meet and experience these different cultures.

One of the most fascinating is the San people.  Known for their rock engravings and hunting abilities for centuries.  Due to their hunting, survival and tracking skills, they are also known as Bushmen. Visit their traditional villages, walk with them, learn about hunting, survival and tracking and be prepared to be awed.

Herero women in their Victorian-style dresses with cow-horn hats are colourful and are often worn throughout the country.  The townships in Swakopmund and the capital Windhoek often have women of the Herero culture proudly wearing their dresses.

Himba culture, another untouched group, is identified by their red ochre body paint.  One of Namibia’s last semi-nomadic people.  They live in Damaraland and visits to the villages can often include elephant spotting.

The people of Namibia are known for their friendliness and hospitality.  This is equally supported by landscapes, animals and cultures.


Namibian cuisine is as diverse as its cultures. Experience traditional food in the townships at traditional restaurants.  Eat a scorpion or cricket if you are brave enough.

The coast is known for its seafood and farms some of the best oysters, one of Namibia’s best-kept secrets.  Seafood barbeques on the beach enhance the flavour, a must-do if you visit Swakopmund.

Namibia has a strong German influence and German-influenced cuisine can be found throughout the country, creating a fusion of European and African flavours, well presented.

Wines from neighbouring South Africa, historic and award-winning, as well as German beer made under the Reinheitsgebot complement the food and activities.



Moon Mountain Lodge is an ultra-luxury tented lodge ideally located at the foot of the Naukluft Mountains. Large, airy rooms offer all the comforts of a luxury hotel suite with infinite views from your bed or private splash pool. The lodge is situated 56km from Sesriem — the gateway to Sossusvlei, home to the world’s highest dunes and close to the quaint little village of Solitaire.


Designed for privacy, luxury and intimacy with the land, Little Ongava is arguably Namibia’s most luxurious accommodation with pristine views across the Ongava plains.

Little Ongava is perched on the crest of a hill commanding magnificent vistas of the plains stretching for miles to the horizon, offering an extraordinary experience as the focal point of an Etosha journey.

SHIPWRECK LODGE (Skeleton Coast)

The lodge is located in the famous Skeleton Coast Central Concession between the Hoarusib and Hoanib Rivers in the Skeleton Coast Park, only 45 km north of Möwe Bay. The lodge is situated on the southern bank of the Huarusib River Mouth, nestled between the dunes with a view of the Atlantic Ocean where the cold Benguela current pushes a refreshing breeze over the shipwreck-shaped cabins.

STRAND HOTEL (Swakopmund)

With its extensive, unique and creatively entertaining Restaurants, Bars, Deli, Lobby-Lounge, Sea Facing Terraces, Beach Kiosk and state-of-the-art Conference & Banqueting Center, all set on the Mole, a historic and iconic site surrounded by Ocean on three sides, the Strand Hotel Swakopmund is a social epicentre and destination in itself for all visitors to and residents of Swakopmund.

Its architectural inspiration finds its roots deep in Namibian-German history and reflects this in a tasteful contemporary manner and as they say in German: “gemütlich” providing a genuine “sense-of-place” atmosphere adding to any Namibian visit.


Travelling in Namibia is an attraction on its own.  Whether you chose to self-drive, use local transport or have guided tours, ways and means to get around can offer their own pleasures and benefits. 

By Air, to cover vast distances quickly and appreciate the vast expanses carved by water over millennia. Or spend time enjoying the passing remoteness, the change in colours, and the incredible emptiness as solace for your soul as you drive through.

Your choices are chartered aircraft as well as helicopter rides.  A definite must-do activity in the Fish River Canyon. Hot Air balloon rides can take you for hours over the dunes in both Sossusvlei and Swakopmund.

Water travel can include anything from a Kayak amongst the seal colonies, Mokoro rides (traditional wooden canoes) on the Kunene River in the north or houseboats overnight.


To get the best out of this you need uniquely tailored itineraries.

Your personal representative will create a tailored package for your needs to meet your dreams within record time. 

The family-run business has been around for many years, passing down generations of knowledge and Namibia’s best-kept secrets. Our staff travel Namibia extensively, always on the search for new and exciting activities and routes which are both exhilarating and safe.

Our best quality is our listening skills

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Come, see, love. 

From its stunning mountain ranges to its deserts, this country has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. Whether you’re looking for a place to hike, camp, ski, snowboard, horse ride, or just explore, it has something for everyone. 

It is impossible not to fall in love with this country of the former Soviet Union, unusual in its diversity, caressed by the sun and steppe mountains – Kazakhstan! 

A story curated with passion and love by  beyond-limits-logo  and

Kazakhstan is home to a mix of ethnicities, which makes it a great place to experience different cultures, and features a number of historical sites,  ancient monuments, and ruins that are sure to fascinate history buffs. 

The industrial landscapes of the capital Astana, give way to the seclusion of salt marshes, and from the museum of history, you find yourself in the epicenter of cultural processes, where the Great Silk Road passed.  Astana is a modern city with plenty to explore. From museums and galleries to shops and restaurants, there’s something for everyone in Astana. 

The city is also home to a number of historical sites, such as the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, which is the world’s largest pyramid and never ceases to amaze by its sheer size and design. 

What is a must-visit in the city of Astana 

Designed by the world-famous Argentinean architect Alejandro Stochetti, in 2017 for the EXPO exhibition, themed “Future Energy” as a giant spherical-shaped building, Nur Alem National Pavillion is an after-exhibition heritage, now serving as a museum of future energy in Kazakhstan. Its unique spherical shape was in the spotlight before the opening of the exhibition and still attracts much attention. 

The museum is an 8-story building. Each floor is dedicated to a different theme: “Solar power”, “Wind power”, “Space power”, “Bioenergy”, “Hydropower”, “Kinetic energy”, “National Pavilion”, and “Future Astana”. Energy sources are presented in an entertaining way.  

Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan in the southeast of the Republic, its “pearl” in the necklace of emerald-blue mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau, with their majestic snow-capped peaks. The former capital of the republic remains the financial, economic, and cultural center of Central Asia. Today, the population of the city is about 2 million people.  

What is a must-visit in the city of Almaty 

The most famous place in the city and the republic is undoubtedly the Medeo skating rink, located in the gorge of the same name.

The air in the gorge is so clean that it makes you dizzy, and the smell of the forest mixes with the subtle taste of the icy wind from the peaks of the Trans-Ili Alatau. Perhaps this wind was the reason for the construction of this unusual ice rink here.  

“Medeo” was called the “factory of records”, as for 33 years 126 world records were set on the ice of a high-mountain skating rink.  

A dizzying ascent to the Shymbulak glacier, where a modern ski resort is located, will meet all expectations. Here you can feel the free spirit of Kazakhstan and the beauty of these lands. Snowy peaks, centuries-old forests, mountain lakes – all this, combined with modern ski lifts, thermal pools, and comfortable cottages, guarantees an unforgettable vacation. 

Back in the city start from Republic Square, where the Independence Monument is located. Further, passing by the Central Library, the Abai State Academic Opera, and Ballet Theatre, looking at the new Panfilov pedestrian street, you will learn even more about the history and development of the southern capital of Kazakhstan from ancient times to the present-day.

Ascension Cathedral , located in the park – is the oldest building in the city. The cathedral was built of wood without a single nail but withstood several earthquakes, one of which had a force of 10 points. 

The Green Bazaaris truly one of the most colorful and remarkable places in the city, where it is impossible to resist shopping. This is a great chance to plunge into the atmosphere of a real oriental market, its colors, smells, and crowds. It is here that you can buy famous oriental sweets, dried fruits, buy local products and souvenirs. 

What to visit outside the city

Big Almaty Lake 

Having risen to a height of 2510 meters above sea level through the picturesque Big Almaty Gorge, be sure to visit the Big Almaty Lake – one of the most beautiful lakes of the Zailiysky Alatau. 

The icy water surface of the lake reflects the bright blue sky like a magic mirror. The magnificent panorama of the lake, surrounded by mountain peaks covered with Tien Shan spruce, aspen, and juniper, will leave an indelible impression. 

Altyn-Emel is the most beautiful state national natural park in the valley of the Ili River, along which the caravans of the Great Silk Road passed. This legendary place offers you the famous Martian landscapes in the Kazakh style:the Singing Dune dune, 1.5 km long and 130 m high. They say that the dune hides an underground city or that under the sands there is thegrave of Genghis Khan.

Aktau– clay mountains cut by canyons like a sharp knife.

Katutau– mountains, to whose creation fiery volcanoes had a hand.  

And of course, do not forget to visit the State National Natural Park “Kolsai Kolderi“.The main natural attraction of the park is the Kolsai Lakes, located 320 km from Almaty. 
Many rare and endangered species live here, in particular the Tien Shan brown bear, snow leopard, and Turkestan lynx. The biosphere reserve covers an area of ​​242,085 hectares. 
The picturesque lake Kaiyndy is also located in the park.

The Kolsai lakes have been included in the UNESCO  World Network  .  

What to Do

Falconry Kennel , where you can become a direct participant in the spectacular show ”Falconry” with specially trained hawks - hunting with them is one of the most unique features of the Kazakh way of life.

To date, the nursery contains 370 individuals of 15 species of birds of prey. During the existence of the nursery, more than 600 birds were released into the natural environment. 

And of course, be sure to take a walk around the farm. 

Horseback riding 

Enjoy campfire meals under the stars, this is an adventure of a lifetime. Intrepid travelers of all sorts can ride at a slower pace, while experienced riders will be in trekking heaven on fit and surefooted horses, with plenty of opportunities for fast riding along forest trails and over mountain grasslands. 


Ritz Carton Astana 

Within the Talan Towers, an example of the Kazakhstan capital’s modern personality, The Ritz-Carlton, Astana carries on local traditions. The five-star hotel elegantly weaves cultural elements into the luxury experience: accommodations reflect regional design elements, spa guests are invited to partake in a Kazakh tea ceremony and dining infuses modern dishes with regional flavors. 

St. Regis Astana 

The St. Regis Astana occupies the most prestigious address in the capital city, located in Astana Central Park. Known as the heart of Astana, the award-winning design by Wimberly Interiors combines modern with neo-classical elements, defining the modern-day interpretation of the St. Regis legacy.

Rixos Almaty

A luxurious and elegant five-star hotel property, in a perfect location on the corner of the Kabanbai Batyr and Seifullin streets in the heart of leafy Almaty. 

Ritz Carlton Almaty

With sumptuous accommodation, superior service, and a prime location in the city center, The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty offers a luxury hotel experience that stirs every sense. Alight from the sky elevator into the 30th-floor lobby and receive a splendid welcome, accentuated by the awe-inspiring views that surround you.   

What and where to eat 

Kazakh cuisine has absorbed the traditions of its ancestors. Lamb, beef, camel meat, dairy products, pastry dishes, sweets… Not every person will be able to master all this flavor variety. But there are several dishes that you must try in Kazakhstan. 


The main traditional dish of the Kazakhs is Beshbarmak – boiled lamb meat with small pieces of dough boiled in broth and abundantly sprinkled with dill, parsley, and cilantro, served on a large oval dish. Treating beshbarmak is accompanied by a kind of ritual. The name “Beshbarmak” in translation means “five fingers” and appeared because in ancient times the dish was eaten with hands.   This traditional dish is better to try in the restaurant -“Qaimaq”. (address: Abay Avenue, 46A, Almaty) 


But we cannot linger on one dish for a long time, and let’s see what else Kazakh cuisine offers us. For example,  Kuyrdak is a roast made from internal organs, most often lamb liver, lungs, and kidneys, with potatoes. A thick, rich dish that is prepared immediately after skinning the carcass, only from fresh offal. This is a very satisfying and warming meal. Delicious Kuyrdak will be served to you at the “Sandyk” restaurant.  

Palau (plov in Kazakh) 

Be sure to try Palau in Kazakhstan, because the locals cook plov fantastically delicious. In fact, it does not differ much from other variations of the dish: rice, meat, onions with carrots, and spices. However, there are still regional differences. Kazakh plov is usually made from lamb, and beef and meat are never spared for it. The traditional recipe contains dried apricots, which give the dish a special sweetish-sour taste. You can taste the most delicious pilaf in the “Alasha” restaurant.  


A flatbread may not always be on the table, but Baursaks, a favorite  Kazakh food, are a must. 

Baursaks are pieces of yeast dough fried in a large amount of oil. The taste of baursaks is sweetish, they can also serve as a separate dish. But, as a rule, baursaks always eat with something. A good hostess will serve them not only with the main course, but also with tea.   You can order the most delicious bauyrsaki at the “Tyubeteika” restaurant. 

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Your next visit: A spectacularly stunning city where traditional and modern sit side by side like few places on earth.

Interested in museums and galleries? You have over 80 to peruse. More of a nature person? The city is one of the greenest in Europe. Creative venues for events, arty spots, and not more than an hour away, timber-framed fairytale villages or Disney-movie castles. Food? A gastronomic paradise with numerous ethnic cuisines. Want to go out and have fun? The city is home to a variety of laid-back bars, creative cocktail menus and crowded dance floors.  

It is one of those places that becomes whatever you make of it, and if you’re feeling bored, you’re probably just not looking hard enough… 

Exterior view of Hirmer, the largest men’s fashion house in the world at night. Location: Munich, Bavaria, Germany, Europe.

A story curated with passion and love by  beyond-limits-logo  and

When talking about Munich (Bavaria-Germany), the first thing most people have in mind is the famous Oktoberfest. But this city has way more to offer than that! Let’s take to wild ride and the latest from this digital, service-oriented, culinary, green, active, fantastic city 

Aerial view of Munich – Marienplatz, Neues Rathaus and Frauenkirche from St. Peter’s church on sunset. Munich, Germany


Rosewood Munich

The new Rosewood Munich will be a five-star property in the middle of the old town on Kardinal-Faulhaber-Strasse next to Palais Neuhaus-Preysing. This is not a new building, however, but a hotel opening behind the listed rococo façade of the former Bayerische Staatsbank. 132 rooms and suites, a spa that will also be open to the public, a restaurant, a bar and rooms for events with up to 400 guests round off the exclusive ambiance.

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Munich Marriott Hotel City West 

In the Westend district, on Landsberger Strasse, the Munich Marriott Hotel City West will open in 2023. It will have 402 rooms and is designed as a conference and meeting hotel with 21 function rooms and a 1,000-square-meter ballroom with natural light. In addition to the spacious lobby, which can be used for networking and working, there will also be a rooftop bar with views over the city. Picture rights: 

No Munich without Oktoberfest! 

One of the biggest and most famous events in Munich is and will always be Oktoberfest. A meeting or incentive during this time can be something very special. Next year, the Wies’n (as it is locally called) will even last two whole days longer than usual. The reason for this is the Day of German Unity on the third of October. According to the official festival rules, Oktoberfest normally lasts exactly 16 days and ends on the first Sunday in October. In 2023, however, October 3, German Unity Day, falls on a Tuesday. Therefore the city council has decided to extend the Oktoberfest up to and including October 3. So 18 days of celebration instead of 16. Start planning your event right away, table reservations start in February and are quickly sold out!  

Oktoberfest food. Holiday german dishes – sauerkraut, sausage, pretzel, mashed potato and beer. Top view on black table.


Looking for more than “just” Munich? Why not include the German Alps in your event ! 

Due to its proximity to the Alps, Munich is the perfect place to stay and start an Incentive in the Bavarian Alps and visit fairytale castles nearby, like the glorious Neuschwanstein castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle Bavarian Alps Germany


Let us inspire you with an eventful 4-day incentive program in Munich.

Day 1: Culinary Schmankerl Tour in Munich’s Old Town // Horse Carriage Ride through the English Garden to the iconic Restaurant Tambosi in the heart of Munich.

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Day 2:  Tour to SLYRS Bavarian Whiskey Distillery at Schliersee // Traditional Bavarian Dinner at Wurzhütte in the Spitzingsee Mountains 

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Day 3: Self-driving on the “German Autobahn” to Zugspitze (Germany’s highest mountain) // Cable Car ride to Zugspitze including Lunch on the summit // Boat tour on the picture perfect Eibsee with the “Reserl Boat” 

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Day 4: Lunch above the city with spectacular views of the Olympic Tower in Munich 

Panorama of Olympic park in Munich, Germany


The new smart village Bogenhausen 

It is perhaps the most creative location in Munich. Under the motto “Welcome to your playground”, the smart village offers workplaces that focus on hospitality service, community feeling, and inspiration. The rooms with a total of 3,500 square meters take you to the most beautiful destinations in Europe: breakfast with colleagues in Sicily, a workshop in Versailles, or a refreshing after-work drink at the champagne bar in Paris. The smart village Bogenhausen is also sustainable!  

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Bergson Kunstkraftwerk 

A completely new location for events is currently being built in a former heating plant in Munich’s west. Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, the Bergson will be a place for all the senses: a triad of modern event formats, versatile gastronomy, and a selected, effective range of art and culture. Spacious rooms, high-end equipment, five gastronomy areas, full-service consulting, and extraordinary industrial architecture make the Bergson a very special address for congresses, seminars, corporate events but also festive dinners. The Bergson is scheduled to open at the end of 2023. 

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Passenger flights are offered from and to Munich Airport without stopovers from 207 destinations in 62 countries including the USA, Canada, UAE, South Africa, India, China, Japan and many more.

Aerial view of Munich over Theatine Church of St. Cajetan (Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan) and Odeonplatz, Munich, Bavaria, Germany in daytime

What are you waiting for? Munich is waiting for you!

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The only place in the world with no excuse not to visit it at least once in your lifetime.

Looking for a breathtaking destination for your next trip? Look no further than Florence, Tuscany. This beautiful city and region has everything you need to leave you feeling refreshed, inspired, relaxed enjoy the finer things in life. In this blog post, we’ll give you a rundown of everything you can expect on your visit there, we’ll explore some of the best activities and attractions that this beautiful region has to offer. 


Tuscany landscape in springtime, Toscana, Italy

A story curated with passion and love by  beyond-limits-logo Acquaforte


Soak in some Renaissance beauty and feast like a Florentine 

Going to Florence and skipping the art is a no-no, even if museums aren’t really your thing because you’re more of an adventurous or foodie or lounging or fill-in-the-blank type. 

As Florentines are addicted to Chianina—a huge, thick steak from local beef, usually eaten by two people and served rare—one favorite spot is Perseus, just outside the city walls. Don’t be shy about the plate of meat you’ll get served here.

But if you crave traditional ‘granny’ recipes, historical tavern Parione serves typical antipasto with crostini neri ai fegatini (crispy bread topped with chicken liver paste), short handmade pasta called pici, and ossobuco (oxtail).

Just a few blocks north, Trattoria Baldini is a temple for iconic ribollita soup, made with bread, white cannellini beans, and vegetable leftovers.


The must-see 

The first stop is the Duomo cathedral and the climb up to its panoramic loggia for an expansive city view. Right out front, check out the octagonal Baptistery basilica for its engraved bronze doors and green-white marble walls. Next, hiking up Giotto’s campanile (bell tower) is great for stretching muscles.

Then prepare to get lost at the Uffizi gallery, your head spinning with so many masterpieces, including Botticelli’s the Birth of Venus, which will give you an idea of the Renaissance ideal of female perfection. To get a glimpse of what the sexy male prototype was like, Michelangelo’s Davide at the Galleria dell’Accademia will leave you breathless. His abs, and even his veins, are perfectly sculpted. 

Stylish woman takes photo on phone of famous Duomo cathedral while sitting at cafe terrace in Florence. Concept of happy travel and visiting famous italian landmarks

Visit Machiavelli’s unknown lair 

There’s a secret spot in Florence that few people know about: the hidden retreat of Machiavelli. It’s said that in this house, located on the Florentine hills, the statesman found inspiration for his infamous book The Prince. What was once his humble home is now the Villa Machiavelli museum, where you can see his bed and kitchen table—and an underground passage that connects to an old tavern. Old Nick used the dark tunnel to sneak away unseen from his lodgings to gamble and go hang out with women of the night.


Sail or paddle-board along the Arno River 

Here’s an alternative, less crowded, but way more entertaining way to explore Florence:  on a traditional painted wooden boat along the Arno River. If you want more action and a solo thrill, opt for paddle-board tours and glide right beneath the crowded Ponte Vecchio—during the day or at night under a starry sky.

Drive a Ferrari 

Cruise through the Tuscan hillside on carefully elected scenic routes. 

Sweep along winding cypress tree-lined roads in a Ferrari Portofino, a grand touring sports car designed for this kind of road.

Explore the amazing countryside 

Florence is surrounded by adorable villages worth a day trip and offers gorgeous views of where the Tuscan countryside meets the old city. Find yourself strolling amid frescoed suites with marble walls and a panoramic pool.   

Car-free Certaldo di Castro is one of them, made up of a maze of reddish alleys and low dwellings enclosed by medieval walls. It’s also the hometown of epicurean poet Boccaccio, author of the Decamerone tales (he’s a bit of an Italian Chaucer). His family home-turned-museum, Casa Boccaccio, is not only a beautiful house with a verdant courtyard, but it also showcases everything from Boccaccio’s slippers, pajamas, and even his toilet pots.  


Villa Cora hotel is also on the city outskirts. This lavish villa from the 1800s is like a country home meets a luxurious mansion. Many of the ornate rooms have regal four-poster beds and way more interesting ceilings than found in, say, the US.  

Roam the gardens where you’ll find balconies and sphinx statues, and don’t miss the heated pool or spa. 

Castello di Spaltenna This long-established country hotel occupies an imposing medieval stone castle and its lovely grounds in deepest Chianti and offers a gourmet restaurant, excellent facilities, and reasonable prices. From here, many of Tuscany’s major attractions, both cultural and otherwise, are within easy reach.

And if you want to sleep like a real Medici, stay at the aristocratic, 1500s Palazzo di Camugliano. With its plethora of original features and air of discreet luxury, the hotel owned by a Marquis is well placed for visiting the sights yet feels removed from the worst of the crowds. The lovely hanging garden is a delightful surprise.

Palazzo Vecchieti: This smart, comfortable hotel comes up very high in terms of location, and it will suit travelers who like a bit of luxury but who don’t need a plethora of traditional hotel facilities. Even the entry-level rooms are very spacious and have kitchenettes.

Visit Tuscany, ITALYThe only place in the world with no excuse not to visit at least once in your lifetime  

using the help of a local expert in M.I.C.E trips and luxury adventure tours for the demanding FIT clients



Boy, oh, boy, Madagascar is so unspoiled and spectacular. Having developed in isolation—the island broke away from the main continent of Africa around 180 million years ago—Madagascar is unlike any other part of the continent. Lemurs, interesting peaks with vertical rock formations, incredible biodiversity, the avenue of Baobabs and Andaside are some of the reasons to visit the unique island of true passion.

8 nights/9 days itinerary made for YOU!!!

Discover MADAGASCAR with our Charm & Luxury Tour, an authentic insight.

Exploring the rainforest of Andasibe to meet the largest Lemurs of Madagascar. Ending at Anjajavy Le Lodge, home of lemurs, birds and other animal species; a fermented session on the quiet and magical relaxing beaches.

This itinerary covers everything which interest people in Madagascar: nature, diurnal and nocturnal wildlife, landscape, culture, sharing experience with villagers, beach, water and underwater activities …

Day 1 Antananarivo

Meet at the airport of Antananarivo, the Capital of Madagascar; transfer to the hotel for a one-night stay.

_NJK0210 (1)

Day 2: Antananarivo – Andasibe

After breakfast, drive to Andasibe, where the scenery is absolutely breath-taking. In Mandraka, make a brief visit to the reptile Farm.

You are at the edge of the deep rainforest in Perinet (also called Andasibe). Your cottages are comfortable and rather a surprise to find so far away from home.

Check in, have dinner, and then join us on an evening walk into the rainforest to hopefully catch a glimpse of the nocturnal wildlife (perhaps a dwarf lemur or chameleon, maybe a fossa   if you are lucky, or maybe more if you are very lucky).  Either way, it is a wonderful experience to be in the deep rainforest as you listen to the night sounds and walk with an experienced guide.

Lemur profile

Day 3 Andasibe

Early start to hike into the forest of Analamazaotra Special Reserve, one of the easiest parks to visit, to see the Indri, the biggest lemur in Madagascar, these animals are monogamous, and do not live in captivity anywhere in the world.

Lemur Text 2

The area is also home to grey bamboo lemurs and brown lemurs, these lemurs are very shy. As well as Parson’s chameleons which can exceed half a meter in length, the Madagascar tree boa, and numerous birds including the Madagascar blue pigeon, the Madagascar paradise flycatcher, the blue vanga and the Madagascar buzzard.   This is a very relaxed and easy hike through the reserve.

Continue on visiting Andasibe village that allow you to connect with the local people and to discover the daily life.

Return to the hotel for lunch and an amazing visit to Lemur Island, which is right on the property.  This is a refuge for 44 lemurs which had been kept as pets. The owner of Vakona Forest Lodge took the lemurs in and created this oasis for them, enjoy the visit, be close to lemurs.  Take a boat across a very small stream – and be greeted by black and white ruffled, and common brown lemurs. The guide will have plenty of bananas and unbelievably, friendly lemurs sit on the top of your head or ride around on your shoulders – as long as you have a piece of banana for them…

Lemur in Text1

Day 4 Andasibe – Antananarivo


Morning drive to the capital.

Afternoon visit the city, Tana with people in an amazing variety of African, Indian and western garb, and streets choked with all manner of motorized, human-powered, and animal-driven transport.  It is a city of very faded glory that still shows signs of a more prosperous past.  There are also beautiful villas covered by tumbling bougainvillea, palm-lined avenues, Anosy Lake crowned by blooming jacaranda in October, wonderful restaurants and great shopping:  Tana does not leave anyone indifferent.

At the end of the day, enjoy a beautiful sundowner and a nice view of Antananarivo at Lokanga Boutique.

Day 5 Antananarivo – Anjajavy

Early morning transfer at the airport to catch the regular flight to Anjajavy Le Lodge (Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday), a beautiful place with bright sunny skies all year round.


Anjajavy le Lodge (

Located in the North West coast of Madagascar, on a peninsula.  Anjajavy Le Lodge is surrounded by creeks and magical beaches, to relax with sweet dream. This property is one of Relais & Chateaux member.


Anjajavy le Lodge (

Day 6 – Day 7 – Day 8 Anjajavy Le Lodge

Enjoy your free days at Anjajavy Le Lodge. Enjoy the journey to the fullest; explore the beautiful beaches and the wonderful coral reef to your heart’s content.


Day 9   Anjajavy – Antananarivo 

Return flight to Antananarivo.

For this last day in the Capital city of Madagascar, you can choose to go to Lisy Art Gallery, or visit one of the local markets places to look for souvenirs and bargains, from this market, you can head over to a private park, the Croc’Farm, not far from the airport, not only home of the huge Nile crocodiles, the biggest predator of Madagascar, but also some animal species and various plants and flowers from Madagascar.

croc final

The pleasant garden restaurant Coco d’Iles Taverne next to the lake serves all kind of crocodile specialties.

Simple things that make your trip in Madagascar memorable!

Appreciate the famous Malagasy hospitality. Enjoy a memorable experience of simple things like a local cooking. We want you to savor the authentic local products, get the pleasure to prepare and to cook it together.

Making experience of a local art, to get keen sense of what is artisan work looks like, make it yourself and get a story to tell with the handmade bracelet or other items you proudly wear, or the gift for your friends or family.

What better way to end a great day than with a delectable private beach BBQ on a wonderful evening!

Enjoy the visit at Vakona Forest Lodge, the only place where you can touch and feed a lemur!



Discovering a people with incredible ancestral culture and customs

Your stay in the heart of the village will be an opportunity for you to discover this people with incredible ancestral culture and customs. Your evenings will be punctuated by strong times with the villagers; you will have the chance to participate in tromba, the invocation of ancestors and kilalaky, traditional dance.


memorable 4

memorable 3


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TANZANIA: A Journey for a Life to Remember

Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar… The names roll off the tongue like a roster call of Africa’s most alluring destinations, all packed into one country. Resonating with hints of the wild and exotic these four alone are reason enough to justify packing your bag and heading off to Tanzania.

Within the space of several hours, it’s possible to go from lazing on idyllic beaches to exploring moss-covered ruins of ancient Swahili city states; from climbing mist-covered slopes in the Southern Highlands to trekking through the barren landscapes around Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania has managed for the most part to remain unassuming and low-key. It has also remained enviably untouched by the tribal rivalries and political upheavals that plague many of its neighbors, and this – combined with a booming tourism industry – makes it an ideal choice for both first-time visitors and Africa old hands.

Pict2 final news

Cruise watching the Sunset over the Indian Ocean

Tanzania is an incredible country, with a quarter of its surface given over to national parks and conservation areas, over 1400 km of pristine coastline and the culturally and historically significant islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia.

Pic 3 final news

Zanzibar The Spice Island

You can follow the Great Migration in Serengeti, track the chimpanzees in Gombe or Mahale Mountains and take a boat safari on the Rufiji river.

Pic 4 final news

Serengeti Sunset

Pic 5 final news

Serengeti Migration

You can also see majestic baobab trees and huge herds of elephants in Tarangire, visit the UNESCO World Heritage site Ngorongoro Crater or spend some time in the relatively unknown Lake Natron area, a soda lake that is the only breeding ground for millions of flamingos.

Pic 6 final news

Flamingos in Lake Natron

Pic 7 final news

Elephants at Ngorongoro Crater

If you like to trek, not only you have the choice between the highest, the 5th and 9th highest mountains of Africa in Tanzania -Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and Mount Hanang.

Pict 8 final news

Biking tour in Tanzania

You could also reach the summit of Ol Doinyo Lengai, the only active volcano in Tanzania and a sacred mountain for the Maasai, or spend a few days walking in the Pare, the Usambara and Udzungwa Mountain ranges, incredible rainforests that host endemic species not seen elsewhere in the world.

Pic 9 final news

Ol Doinyo Lengai

But there is so much more to see in Tanzania, and different ways to do so!

An incredible way to admire nature from a different perspective is with a hot air balloon!

Pic 10 final news

Hot air Balloon Safari in Serengeti

Your adventure starts in the early morning, when you depart your lodge or camp. As it is still dark, you may be fortunate to see nocturnal animals on the way to the launch site. There you will meet your pilot and witness your balloon being inflated and prepared for launch.

Rising as the sun rises, your balloon floats in whatever direction the winds of the day are heading over this wonderful area and after landing, you will celebrate in the traditional way with a toast, before heading off to a special ‘Out of Africa’ bush breakfast.

Instead of driving without stopping through the villages on your way to the parks, you can take some time to see how Tanzanians live and work in Mto wa Mbu, a unique village that is home to over 120 different tribes. You can easily move around the houses, visit the farms, schools, churches and the local market with a Tuk Tuk, a small vehicle with open sides that will allow you to connect with people and enjoy the colorful environment of the area.

Pic 11 final news

Tuk Tuk tou

Pic 12 final news

Village Life

Pic 13 final news

Village Life

From the rainforest between Kidia and Marangu to Lake Chala and the Masaai lands on the north side -with game viewing opportunities- to the vast open agricultural spaces of West Kilimanjaro region, a 6 days biking tour will give you the excellent opportunity to explore all the different landscapes, people and animals at the base of Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro.

Pic 14 final news

Mountain Kilimanjaro: Africa’s highest and most iconic mountain

To find out how you can see Tanzania from a different point of view, contact us:

Pic 15 final pic

White Sand Beach

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Son Doong Cave is in the heart of the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in the Quang Binh province of Central Vietnam. Only recently explored in 2009-2010 by the British Cave Research Association, the cave has only been open to the public since 2013.

cave 2

The world’s biggest cave has overwhelmed once more with an incredible 2-hour live broadcast that aired on the 2th/13th May on ABC’s Good Morning America and can still be found online. Once again Son Doong gets the spotlight, but there are numerous and wonderful cave systems in the area, many of which, including Hang En and Tu Lan, can be visited with A-Class Travel.

 Please kindly access this link for MSNBC‘s video:


The Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam contains the oldest karst system in Asia, between 400-450 million years old. Hang Son Doong itself is relatively young, with the analysis of sediment dating it to be only 3 million years old.

Formed on the edge of a fault zone, Hang Son Doong has been carved out by the mighty Rao Thuong River as it erodes away the limestone, forming the enormous tunnel beneath the Annamite Mountains. Giant sinkholes, known as do lines, have collapsed sometime up to 300’000 years ago, creating massive openings to the outside world. Cave pearls the size of baseballs have been formed by water dripping from the ceiling.


The first expedition had been halted by an 80m high calcite barrier, which was jokingly dubbed the ‘Great Wall of Vietnam’. It wasn’t until their second expedition in 2010, when the Great Wall was finally climbed, and the end of the passage was found, that Hang Son Doong was determined to be the largest cave in the world.

cave 4

At over 5 km long, with sections reaching up to 200m tall and 150m wide, Hang Son Doong is large enough to house an entire New York City block, complete with 40 story skyscrapers. With a total measured volume of 38.5 million cubic meters, this comfortably surpasses Deer Cave in Malaysia, which was considered to be the previous record holder. Stalagmites up to 80m high have also been surveyed, the tallest ever encountered.

cave 5

Son Doong Cave Expedition is world-renowned tour product offering the very best caving opportunity for the very active adventure traveler! With a team of cave experts from the British Cave Research Association you’ll be deep in the wild jungle of Vietnam discovering the most amazing natural environments.

Our Son Doong Expedition is available with weekly departures. It is advised to book in advance as this is a popular tour and we are strictly limited to 10 guests per departure.

Some brief information about the Son Doong Expedition:

Duration: 7 days/6 nights

Adventure Level: Hard (60 km +) for physically active guests.

Availability: Weekly Departures (Feb to Aug, we close the cave from Sept to Jan)

Small Group Tours: 10 guests per departure

Minimum Age: 18 years old


Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Giang at

ACLASS TRAVEL at or phone number (+84) 4 3927 4288.






Not only do they offer the chance to climb spiraling stairways to the tops of the battlements, castles offer secretive passageways, unusual decoration, breathtakingly spectacular views and the chance to relive the past. Modern skyscrapers and luxury resorts don’t hold a candle to the raw power projected by a gigantic castle. Castles are fun to explore because they’re full of surprising rooms and terrifying dungeons, but some castles are so gigantic, or intricately designed and built, that our minds are blown just thinking about them.

Many of these castles are in Europe, the fairy-tale home of castles in popular culture. Explore below the 10 most mind-blowing castles of Europe, that are so different, so complex and so beautiful that we can’t believe they were built by humans.

A story created with passion and love by BEYOND LIMITS

1. Scaligero Castle, Sirmione- Lake Garda – Italy

"Sirmione, Italy - April 27th, 2011 - Tourists visiting Scaliger Castle (Castello Scaligero) in Sirmione, on Lake Garda, Italy during spring break."

Located in the town of Sirmione on Lake Garda (north Italy), the Castello Scaligero gets its name from the rulers of Verona, whose power extended all the way to here in the 13th and 14th centuries. It’s not just modern-day visitors who find the castle beautiful—in 1786, Goethe was arrested for making suspicious-seeming sketches of the castle! The only access to the castle is through the drawbridge as the other sides of the castle are surrounded by water. Part of the lake is also enclosed by its walls, thus making it one of the best examples of lacustrine architecture.

Garda Lake with its beauties can be visits with a daily excursion departing from Venice, or this region can be a perfect destination for a 3 days Incentive, always in combination with Venice or with Milan and others northern Italy Lakes, Maggiore and Como lake.

2nd photo Scaligero


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2. Kamyanets-PodilskyiUkraine


Kamyanets-Podilskyi with its Castle and Historic center from UNESCO World Heritage list has the most places of architectural interest in Ukraine after Kyiv and Lviv.  Situated in western Ukraine just 1.5 hours away from Chernivtsi local airport, Kamyanets is tourist mecca for travelers. Marvelous medieval fortress was described as “a stone flower on the rock” by famous Ukrainian poetess. Impressive Khotyn Castle also located 25km from Kamyanets. In the Castle you can make special MICE-event.
Besides castles you can see here natural canyons making unforgettable impression.

To get the most from this wonderful city, you should visit it during festival, which take place here almost all year round! Annual Cossack Games and festivals, which include the open hot air ballooning championship of Ukraine, car racing and various music, art and drama festivals, attract thousands of local tourists.

For special experience try Ukrainian highest bridge for bungee jumping ~75m high over the river, also you can drive armored vehicles BRDM-2, BRDM and 4×4.


Ukrainian Incentives

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3. Monemvasia Castle – Greecemgate

Visiting Monemvasia, the medieval castle town on the southeastern coast of the Peloponnese you feel overwhelmed by this magical place’s rawness, wildness, history and profound romanticism. Try to visit the castle in spring, summer and autumn, both with company and alone, as Monemvasia is an all-year destination, ideal for all emotional states.

Its uniqueness and its fairytale atmosphere remain as true as ever. Its history is written on the walls around you as you as you stroll inside the small alleys along the castle. The sense of isolation felt on this legendary rock, cut off from the coast of the Peloponnese by an earthquake in 375 AD, adds to the wonder.

As a natural fortress, it was inhabited and soon became a strategic fortress claimed the Byzantines, Franks, Venetians and Ottomans. Neither museum-like nor artificially fabricated, Monemvasia is Europe’s only castle that has never ceased being inhabited.

Behind the limestone with which it is built, around 15 people are permanent residents, but many more come and go daily. As for visitors, that goes without saying.



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4. Carlowrie Castle – Scotland


Carlowrie Castle with its location close to Edinburgh airport and the city centre makes it an ideal location for bringing people together.  The Castle and its 32 acres of grounds provide you with the space and tranquillity to relax and escape the city. With flexible space for receptions, board meetings or private dining, we pride ourselves on designing and delivering an exceptional and bespoke service for each client.

Spend the night in one of our twelve luxurious bedrooms. All rooms are individually styled, spacious with nine in the Castle and three in the renovated Gate Lodge. The ensuite bathrooms feature handmade, roll top baths, marble tiles, underfloor heating and walk in showers. Wake up in your very own Victorian castle with modern essentials such as WiFi and satellite television. Guests can then relax in one of our many rooms from the Marble Lounge to our Bar and Piano room serving from Full Scottish Breakfast to evening dinner.Picture2

LOGO LINKEDIN 02 copia 02 (1)

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5Aragonese Castle, Ischia IslandSouth Italy

"Castello Aragonese in Ischia Ponte, on Ischia island near Naples, Italy. Many little boats in the sea."

Sitting on the volcanic island of Ischia (the most developed and largest of the islands in the Bay of Naples), Aragonese Castle is accessible from Ischia by a small bridge. Amazingly, it dates from the 5th century and was built to protect the area from pirates and still looks as dramatic now from the surrounding mainland.

From the outpost of the Syracuse Greek Hiero I to the conquest of Alfonso of Aragon, from the splendour of Vittoria Colonna’s wedding to the English bombing in 1809, from total abandonment to recovery through the intuition of a farsighted Ischian lawyer: twenty-five centuries of history between churches, convents, prisons, lush gardens and breath-taking views,

suspended between the sky and the sea in a timeless atmosphere.

Ischia is renowned for its curative spas. Ferries and hydrofoils connect Naples to Ischia.

Ischia today is famed for its thermal spas, manicured gardens, and unshowy, straightforward Italian airs – a feature also reflected in its food. Ischia is a refreshing antidote to glitzy Capri.

aragonese 2Acquaforte

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6. S. Jorge CastlePortugal

Lisboa1 (1)The Castelo de S. Jorge – National Monument occupies a privileged area of the old medieval alcáçova (citadel) and consists of the castle, ruins of the former royal palace and part of the neighborhood for the elite.

The fortification, built by the Moors in the mid-11th century, was the last defensive stronghold for the elite who resided on the citadel: the Moorish governor whose palace was nearby, and the elite city administrators whose homes are visible today in the Archaeological Site.

After Dom Afonso Henriques conquered Lisbon on October 25th, 1147, to become the first king of Portugal, the Castelo de S. Jorge began its golden age as home for the royalty. The old Moorish period buildings were modified and enlarged to receive the king, his court and the bishop, as well as the Royal Archives in one of the castle towers. Once the Portuguese kings had transformed the Castelo de S. Jorge into a royal palace in the 13th century, it was chosen to receive many notable Portuguese and foreign figures, as well as hold festivities as well as coronations during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries.


  • 7th – 8th c. B.C. | BEFORE THE CASTLE • The first settlements
  • 11th c. | FOUNDING OF THE CASTLE • The castle and Moorish quarter
  • 12th c. | THE CHRISTIAN RECONQUEST • The transition from the Moorish to Christian worlds
  • 13th c. | ROYAL RESIDENCE • The castle and the royal palace of the alcáçova
  • 14th c. | ROYAL RESIDENCE • The Torre do Tombo and the Crisis of Succession
  • 15th – 16th c. | ROYAL RESIDENCE • Court life and the last king at the castle
  • 18th c. | EARTHQUAKE OF 1755
  • 20th c. | THE CASTLE – A NATIONAL MONUMENT – Restoration work from 1938-40

Portug 2

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7. Alcazar Castle – SPAIN


The Alcázar of Segovia is in the city of Segovia (Castile and Leon, Spain), and is classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The castle doesn’t fit the mold of most castles in Spain, which were constructed as fortresses and is rising out on a rocky crag above the confluence of two rivers near the Guadarrama mountains. It is reported to be the inspiration for the Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World and were decorated with great luxury and beauty by Mudéjar painters and artists.
Built in 1122, the castle has served as a royal palace, a state prison, a Royal Artillery College and a military academy since then. It is currently used as a museum and a military archive building. The castle can be visited and allow visitors to enjoy views over Segovia and the countryside.



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8. Charlottenburg Castle – GERMANYberlin_Castle Charlottenburg (3)

Discover the magic of the rococo at the beautiful Charlottenburg Palace – completed in 1699 and once a royal summer residence. Today it is the largest and most magnificent palace in Berlin. Sophie Charlotte, the first Queen consort in Prussia, was not only an accomplished musician, playing the harpsichord and singing Italian opera, but also strolled through the grounds here with her friend, the renowned scholar and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. When she died, only 36 years old, the palace and surrounding area was named Charlottenburg after her.  Sophie Charlotte, a great lover of the arts, invited poets, philosophers, musicians and artists to join her at her “court of the muses”. Even her husband King Friedrich I could only visit if she personally invited him.  The castle is not only famous for its classical concerts and the spectacular Christmas Market in December but is a great event location as well.

berlin_Castle Charlottenburg (1)mr-congress-incentive-holiday

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9. Malbork Castle – POLAND

Medieval Malbork Castle, Marienburg Fortress of Mary, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pomerania, Poland, Europe

The Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork is a 13th-century Teutonic castle and fortress located near the town of Malbork, in Poland. It is the largest castle in the world measured by land area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It was originally constructed by the Teutonic Knights, a German Roman Catholic religious order of crusaders, in a form of an Ordensburg fortress. The Order named it Marienburg in honour of Mary, mother of Jesus. In 1466, during the division of Prussia into eastern and western parts, the castle and town became part of western Royal Prussia, a region of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. It served as one of the several Polish royal residences, interrupted by several years of Swedish occupation, and fulfilling this function until the First Partition of Poland in 1772. Following Germany’s defeat in 1945, the land was reassigned to Poland.

If you’re looking up how to visit Malbork Castle, you’re most likely already in Gdansk, Poland. We spent about a week in Gdansk and found that it was a great base to explore the Tricity and surroundings. Despite the 60 km distance, Malbork is very easy to get to from here and there’s no need to spend extra money on an organized tour when you can save your pretty pennies and plan the day yourself.

Castle of Knights


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10Karst Castle – Slovenia


A mere few kilometers from Postojna Cave, the Karst world offers an unforgettable experience in the fairytale world of knights. The impregnable medieval marvel has been perched in the middle of a 123-metre-high cliff for more than 800 years. Behind the largest cave castle in the world, there is a network of secret tunnels, from where the knight Erazem of Predjama would set out on his plundering expeditions. The world’s largest cave castle, listed as one of the Guinness World Records, tells a picturesque story about the times when comfort had to give way to safety, and when the clatter of weapons would often drown out troubadours’ songs. It is so special and unique, it ranks among the ten most fascinating castles in the world. ETC Adriatic using this location for special events and medieval team buildings.



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11Chateau de Berne in Provence, France


In the heart of the true Provence, off the beaten track, a road makes its way through the ancestral vineyards of the wine estate of the Château de Berne.

The 18th-century Château de Berne is located on a 1235-acre forest & vineyard estate in the Var hinterlands. It’s located between the villages of Lorgues and Flays in Provence, France.  You enter the property via a small country lane & when you get inside you are surrounded by vineyards and beautiful views. You can smell the grapes, flowers, and trees as you walk around. The Château is both secluded and full of life, this is a place to slow down and unwind. Provence is a very fertile, sun-drenched part of France, that’s why the grapes and so much produce is grown there.

The domain has been practicing the art of producing wine for over 3 centuries. They are true artisans producing over a million signature square bottles per year, red, white and rosé. There is something for everyone! They grow many grape varietals and with expert crop growers and blenders, very tasty wines are produced. The hotel offers wine tastings and guided tours of their cellars.

For dining there are a few options, each taking advantage of seasonal, local produce. Options include Le Jardin de Benjamin (a Michelin star restaurant), the Bistrot in the cellar (a bit more casual), the Table de Chef (you in the kitchen watching the Chefs) or test your skills with hands-on learning at the cooking school.  Chef Benjamin Colomba and his team create all kinds of magic in their kitchen and we savoured quite the gamut, paired with the domain’s wines of course!


Phileas France

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Here is what you probably know: Amsterdam is a liberal city, rock ‘n roll city,  it rains a lot, everyone cycles and has more canals than Venice. It is easy to view Amsterdam in cliches, but venture beyond the rouge glow and find a dynamic metropolis with a village heart.


Here is what you probably know: Amsterdam is a liberal city, rock ‘n roll city,  it rains a lot, everyone cycles and has more canals than Venice. It is easy to view Amsterdam in cliches, but venture beyond the rouge glow and find a dynamic metropolis with a village heart.

In the past couple of years Amsterdam has smartened up its act, with art galleries, stylish boutiques and buzzy cafes opening up. The big museums have reopened after years of improvements and the city is renowned for its thriving festival scene.

What is new to know? And why is Amsterdam your next incentive destination?

  1. Amsterdam’s Assets: Where can you go for a company escape that has world-renowned art museums, vibrant nightlife, cool upcoming neighbourhoods and unique architecture?
    Amsterdam Redefined’s choice: To make sure keeping all the participants of the group engaged and enthusiastic, creating an itinerary that includes the different aspects Amsterdam has to offer is key.A tour through the Red Light District? Yes we can! Not the standard one but a tour where we enter a private house in the district to hear the incredible stories of the family who once lived here.Only half an hour biking outside of Amsterdam you can enjoy the polder and windmill landscape. A whole different scenery and what’s more ‘Farm to Table’ than enjoying a lunch in between the grasslands and cows in a farmers garden?
    Farmers lunch
  2. Small Village feeling: Flat, compact and easy walkable you get a fairly good overview of the city without using a lot of transfers.
    Ams Redefined 1566
    Amsterdam Redefined’s choice: Instead of getting in and out of coaches bringing you from one activity or venue to another. Why not use Amsterdams finest asset and use a private boat on the canals as a transfer to get from A to B?
  3. Booming restaurant & hotel scene:
    Amsterdam’s hotel scene is eclectic and characterful with a few new properties opening up each year and also existing hotels are smartening up their act.The Dutch food scene is enjoying a culinary renaissance and Amsterdam is fast becoming Europe’s most exciting and varied eating destination.
    Jakarta amsterdam
    Amsterdam Redefined’s
    choice: Always looking for the best suitable hotel fitting the target group we love to use local hotel brands and international chain hotels alike. As the local government is banning coaches out of the centre, logistics are getting more and more a priority in order to give the guests the best experience.
  4. Where to party?
    There is no lack of festivals and festive days in Amsterdam. No matter what time of the year you visit there’s always something going on whether you’re into dance music, food or art. Gay Pride, Kings day, a thriving music festival scene in the summer
    Amsterdam Redefined’s
    choice: A once in a lifetime experience to incorporate one of the festivities into an itinerary for the young-at-heart groups. We arrange your private boat to be in the middle of it all or we make sure your group has their spot reserved on the VIP deck. For a group who likes it private, we know the perfect location to organise your own company festival.
  5. Good vibe city
    Ranking in the top lists of the ‘Quality of living’ index and the ‘Work-life balance’ study we can conclude Amsterdammer’s, as the locals are referred to, figured out how to enjoy life.This is what you feel when visiting the city.4ffa0d74-a6e7-419e-8080-c81e55decb47
    Amsterdam Redefined’s
    choice: Chatting with the miller of a windmill, meet the local retired policeman who spend his lifetime working in the city centre and shares his knowledge and amazing anecdotes. Listen to a passionate talk of a local artist who gives you a sneak peak in his gallery. We feel this is what creates lasting memories when traveling.


By Willemijn Derks, Femke Alderden

An experience created by        :       The Netherlands



Processions, devotion, traditional costumes, music and even boat races. Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda is one of the biggest annual events in Asia, occurring every year around the month of October. Let’s discover more about it!


Everyone interested in Myanmar probably already know that Inle Lake, declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is a magical world. A world of stilt villages, floating gardens and crumbling stupas which have kept its unique and hundred-years-old traditional lifestyle. A world where one can relax feeling its tranquillity, enjoy the breath-taking landscape and learn about the Intha people’s interesting activities, such as leg-rowing fishing, extracting the threads from the lotus plant, weaving, manufacturing cheroots or silversmithing.

Picture 2

Fishermen and Floating Gardens

Picture 3

Leg Rowing Fishing

What fewer people may know is that during the month of October one of Myanmar’s biggest events takes place annually on the waters of this magical world: the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival, occurring from the first waxing day to the third waning day of the lunar month of Thadingyut.

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, located on the western end of Inle Lake, is the holiest Buddhist site in southern Shan state. In the middle of the Pagoda’s main room, a group of five oddly shaped relics covered in gold leaf are displayed.

Picture 4

Inle Lake

These relics, cast during the reign of Bagan’s King Alanghsithu (1112-1167 CE) and once with human form, have been changing its shape after years and years of receiving the gold leaf donations from thousands of pilgrims visiting this holy site.

Picture 5

Five Golden Relics

These golden statues are precisely the focal point of the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival. During the festival, four of the five statues are placed on a decorative barge shaped like a karaweik (mythical bird) and taken on an 18 days tour around the lake, stopping at each village for a night or longer so residents can pay homage.

In this procession from village to village, the barge is propelled by Inle Lake’s famous leg rowers, who dressed in traditional costumes row in unison to the beat of a huge drum, while other ceremonial boats escorting the barge carry dancers and martial artists showcasing their sills.

Visiting Inle Lake during the festival provides a great opportunity to see the different ethnic groups, including Shan, Intha, Danu, Palaung, Pa-O and Taung Yo, gathering and celebrating the festival together, giving to the lake a combined devotion and carnival-like atmosphere.

Picture 6.1

Ceremonial Boats in the Pagoda Festival

One of the highlights of the festival and best time for visitors to engage with the festival celebration are undoubtedly the impressive boat races, in which different teams of leg rowers representing villages around the lake compete aboard narrow boats over ten metres long.

Picture 7.1

Boat Races

Every year, the Festival occurs from the first waxing day to the third waning day of the lunar month of Thadingyut – this year from October 10 to October 27.

See you there very soon!

Picture 8

Inle Lake

By Lwin Lwin Kyaw

An experience created by Myanmar Voyages


20 Gorgeous Islands Every Traveler Should Visit

As the plane makes its gradual descent you see much of the island from your window: the cliffs at one end, the long golden curve of a remote beach, olive groves, an isolated village, a patch of woodland, the whitewashed air traffic control tower. There’s just one carousel at the terminal. People seem to know each other. It’s only a short ride in the hired car into the small main town. You drive past the shopping centre, the primary school, the restaurant that specializes in seafood, the town hall or simply an endless blue beach with palm trees…  And there’s a strange, instinctive feeling of wanting to arrive there, live a few moments there.

The feeling of pleasure we experience on arrival is partly the work of the imagination.  In fact, the pleasure of the small island rests on qualities that can be found closer to us, our expectations, our longing for. A small island is not just a place on the map; it’s a psychological destination; a model of simplifying your life. You may not even have to take a plane or a boat to get there. Read about it, dream of it, close your eyes and you may suddenly be there…

A story created with passion and love by BEYOND LIMITS

1. Maddalena Island, Italy (pop. 11.332)



The archipelago of La Maddalena, off the Costa Smeralda, is a quiet place of turquoise lagoons, deserted islands and the most heavenly beaches in Sardinia, with barely a footprint to spoil them. In the translucent seas of the La Maddalena archipelago, you’re in another world. It doesn’t feel like the Mediterranean here. It feels like a more rugged version of the Caribbean. Suspended between Sardinia and Corsica, this scatter of seven large islands and 55 tiny islands has some of the most spectacular beaches in Italy, and some of the cleanest and clearest water.But it is only recently that these islands have begun to discover tourism, and in turn to be discovered by tourists.

The Maddalena islands are only 20 minutes by ferry from the Sardinian port of Palau, and geologically connected to the pink granite rockscapes of Gallura in the north-east of Sardinia.

For an incentive group we can arrange a stunning catamaran excursion, with drinks and delicious food on board. During the boat excursion you will enjoy time on island beaches, swim off the boat, and taste the delicious cuisine prepared by our skilled chef on board.


Have your trip uniquely organized by Acquaforte

2. Rosario Islands, Colombia (pop. 700)

Colombia Rosario


The Rosario Islands are an archipielago located on the coast of Colombia, approximately 100 kilometres from Cartagena. It is one of the most important Natural National Parks of Colombia. They have an aquarium and open sea ocenarium and are perfect to break from the urban environment. For the most adventurous travellers they can take a kayak out the sea, go diving, or sport-fishing, while the more relaxed visitors can easily spend a day on the beach. On the islands you will find the kind of beaches that you want to experience in the Caribbean, white sand, sparkling blue waters and a few palm trees, so expect to see some truly memorable sunsets during your visit.  All the islands offer combinations of luxury rooms, private beaches, and quality food, that you will never forget. It is a fantastic place to spend one day or also a few days in the Caribbean.


Have your trip uniquely organized by MVS TRAVEL

3. Symi, Greece (pop. 2.590)



Quiet but still full of cardio! Little, full of everything! This little spot of the Greek map, one of the most picturesque islands of the Dodecanese complex with intact beauty and special architecture, will make you fall in love at first glance … Her beauty, simple and man-made, unfolds before your eyes as the ship enters the harbor. In front of you, you can see, as a living painting, one of the most beautiful and bigger neoclassical settlements in Greece. Neoclassical houses painted in bright, warm colors, perched on the rocky slopes of the island, reflect the glorious past of Symi, with tradition in sponge, shipbuilding and woodcarving.

Beautiful and untouched, most of Symi beaches invite you to discover them. Crystal waters, provocative, sometimes play with towering rocks, sometimes with coniferous shades … The most well-known are Nos, Pedi, Marathounda and Nimporio.

The city of Symi extends to the northern part of the island and consists of two settlements equally beautiful and charming:  Ano Symi (Village) stretching as the top of the hill and Gialos, the safe harbor of the island. Symi offers you unique culinary delights featuring its own specialty, the famous homemade prawn! It is a rare variety of shrimp, of a very small size, that lives in the sea of the area and you can taste it in the fish taverns of the island.


Have your trip uniquely organized by FARSCAPE GREECE

4. Kauai, USA (pop. 65.689)



With its striking natural beauty, Kauai has long been a destination for Hollywood filmmakers intent on capturing the island’s unspoiled terrain. Its stunning scenery is a worthy adventure for you. The Movie Tour provides a rare opportunity to experience Kauai through this lens, taking you on a six-hour guided tour of the island’s famous movie locations, including settings for “The Descendants,” “Six Days and Seven Nights,” “Gilligan’s Island,” “The Amazing Race,” “Fantasy Island,” “Blue Hawaii” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Waimea Canyon (described as the Grand Canyon on the Pacific), Spouting Horn, a drive past Haupu Mountain range and a remarkable tunnel of 500 eucalyptus trees towering more than 100 feet, stops at the Opaekaa Falls lookout and Fern Grotto, a gorgeous tropical rain forest once reserved for Hawaiian royalty are some of the spectacular destinations you need to see in Kauai.

Take a cruise down to Wailua River, where you will take a relaxing cruise surrounded by lush jungle landscapes.


Have your trip uniquely organized by DESTINATION EVENT SERVICES

5. Maui, USA (pop. 144.444)



Hana, isolated from the rest of the island, is truly the last undeveloped tropical paradise on Maui. The Road to Hana Eco-Adventure features miles of lush tropical rain forests, beautiful waterfalls at every turn, narrow one-lane bridges and most importantly colorful and enduring cultural traditions kept by the elders. Hana truly is a world into itself. Discover its stories, live its legends and experience the authentic hospitality with cultural experts as visitors have the rare opportunity to mix with the Aunties of Hana and experience cultural practices and traditions. The guests will travel through the very heart of Maui and all that makes Maui no ka oi (the best!).

The hula and the lei, the dance and the flower are an entwined duo of Hawaiian beauty and grace. The respected islanders can share with you the true spirit of aloha. A noho or seated hula can be taught and shared through basic hula movements and their interpretive meaning. One must look inward to outwardly express the beauty and grace of the native dance.

The island offers Waterfall hiking in natural pool providing a well – deserved swimming reward, horseback riding along the pristine shoreline, standup paddle lessons & ocean snorkeling are all unique experiences you will never forget.


Have your trip uniquely organised by DESTINATION EVENT SERVICES

6. Pringipos, Turkey (pop. 7.000)



Pringipos – named Büyükada now, is the3rd biggest island in the Marmara Sea which is only half hour sailing from the Asian shore of Istanbul.   The island is known to be lung of the city, with clear fresh air, where there is no motor vehicles, but all transportation is managed by bikes and horse carriages. The climate and look of the island is more like of an Aegean town, and it’s a wonderful escape from the city even for a day break.

The residents of the island either lives through full year here, or some only stay at summers for their touristic activities. The island welcomes you enthusiastically with people riding bicycles with great merriment, lots of cats and dogs and, of course, seagulls.

Pringipos is the most romantic one among the Istanbul islands.

   CC Events logo-01

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7. Koh Rong Island, Cambodia (pop. 300)

Koh Rong


Located just off-the-coast of Sihanoukville in Southwest Cambodia, Koh Rong is known for its serene beauty and breathtaking scenery, an “island paradise” as described by visiting tourists and a perfect holiday destination for families, couples and small groups of travelers, an island for all tastes and all budgets.

Whether you want to lie back, unwind, and admire the magnificent views, swim in the crystal-clear ocean waters, or explore the exotic wildlife and underwater world, the stunning Koh Rong Island will give you the memories for a lifetime to bring back home.

Relax on the white sandy beaches, contemplate and gaze at the mesmerizing sunsets, dine with the freshest foods.

Why not let yourselves lose in the breathtaking beauty of this spectacular island? Head to Koh Rong Island, whether you’re a backpacker or a seasoned luxury traveler, find a slice of Paradise in the Kingdom of Cambodia!


Have your trip uniquely organized by ALL DREAMS CAMBODIA

8. La Graciosa Island, Spain (pop. 700)

La Graziosa


Few places remain as hidden as this little desert of just 27 square kilometres; the eighth, and least known, of the Canary Islands, located in the Chinijo archipelago. The island is home to just 700 inhabitants, there is no tarmac, no rush, and no stress. You can see incredible sunsets almost every evening or walk barefoot through the sandy streets of the island’s two villages. It is a place where you can try your best to grow tired of eating fresh fish and seafood, swimming next to idyllic beaches and cycling between red and yellow volcanoes. You can also try recreational fishing and scuba diving in Europe’s largest marine reserve, or even bodyboarding, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing thanks to the waves and perfect wind conditions. An island where the simple things, a natural existence and the slow life are what is important… in short, a getaway that can be enjoyed with all five senses: the view of the blue horizon, the fragrance of the earth, the sound of the waves, the feeling of the sand between your toes and the flavors of the ocean.

Ferrer & Saret-LOGO

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9. Senja, Norway (pop. 15.072)



Beautiful Senja is Norway’s second largest island, located far above the Arctic Circle. The Norwegians call the island «Norway in a Nutshell» as you are greeted by an awe-inspiring mix of sea, mountains, beaches, fishing villages and inland areas, all within a few hours’ drive. The Oceanside of the island is precipitous with sculptural rocks and colorful fishing villages in sheltered coves. The inland is filled with mountains, lakes and forests, and the mainland-facing coast sports unexpectedly green.

The scenery in Senja is full of contrasts, with the midnight sun and the northern lights, depending on the season. The «raw» mountain peaks rises straight from the sea along the coast and the combination of sea and mountains is ideal for those who participate in outdoor activities. In summer you are welcome to pick and choose from a wealth of trails for hiking and biking, whilst one of the world’s best fishing grounds and areas to observe the white-tailed eagle are right on your doorstep.

The range of restaurants and eateries in Senja reflects the region’s scenery and nature. To get a real taste of the region, char from Altevatn lake, cod from Senja, and goat cheese from Balsfjorden, are among the local products to try.


Have your trip uniquely organized by MOMENT NORWAY

10. The Island of Our Lady of Mercy (Gospa od Milosrđa), Montenegro

Lady of Mercy


Very few know about this small island known as the Island of Our Lady of Mercy, part of the Krtoli Archipelago located in Tivat Bay. This lush piece of land houses a church bearing the same name and a Franciscan Monastery. As well as Christian importance, the island has a long history of religious rituals for nearly five thousand years.

The history of the buildings on the island date back to 15 Century. Through the centuries buildings were damaged or destroyed by different causes and the current church dates to the 19th Century.

Often confused with the frequently visited Church of Our Lady on the Rocks, this island is an important shrine of pilgrimage and people come here to celebrate the Gregorian calendar’s Feast of Our Lady every year on 15th August. It is also possible to visit other times and enjoy the calm atmosphere and magnificent views of Tivat Bay and surrounding mountains.


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11. Wa Ale, Myanmar

We ale


Choosing an island in Myanmar is a difficult task, there are many of them (more than 800) and each most beautiful than the previous one, but Wa Ale island is without any doubt one of the favorites.

Nested in the Mergui Archipelago, Southern part of Myanmar, and part of the Lampi Marine National park, Wa Ale offers unspoiled beaches and stunning nature difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

There is only one possibility for accommodation, the exclusive eco-resort Wa Ale Island Resort, with 14 rooms that look like coming out from a fairy tale.

There are many activities available in the island, most of them focusing on enjoying the incredible surroundings like: treks, diving, watching wildlife or just relaxing by the beautiful beaches reserved for the handful of visitors that make it to this remote paradise.

Are you ready to disconnect and reconnect in this dreamy island?


Have your trip uniquely organized by Myanmar Voyages

12. VIS Croatia (pop 3.617)



Welcome to Mamma Mia fairy tale! Vis is a small, secluded island with turquoise waters and beautiful secluded beaches. It is the furthest inhabited island off the Croatian coast and the most enigmatic. Vis served as a Yugoslav military base and foreign visitors were cut off right up until 1989. You can visit the Tito headquarters in one of the islands cave. The isolation prevented development and caused most of the population to move in search of work leaving the island trapped in time for many years.
Now, lack of development and the search for authenticity has become Vis’ drawcard. Travellers now visit Vis because of the nature, local cuisine, peace and quiet. A rise of visitors is in sight as the movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again was filmed on this beautiful island. Beat the crowds and book your trip to Vis now!


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13. Mafia Island, Tanzania (pop. 40.801)



Mafia Island is the largest of a small archipelago of islands and atolls and the southern of three islands -with Pemba and Zanzibar– located off the coast of Tanzania.

Its name doesn’t have any link with the criminal organization but could come from the Arabic morfiyeh, meaning “group” or “archipelago” or from the Swahili mahali pa afya, meaning “a healthy dwelling-place”.

Mafia Island and its reefs are renowned as an excellent diving destination, with an unparalleled variety of hard and soft corals and diversity of tropical fish; the archipelago is one of the best locations in the world for swimming with whale sharks but it also has a rich history that goes back to the 8th century, when it played a major role in ancient trade between the people of East Asia and East Africa.


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14. El Cielo, Mexico

El Cielo


El Cielo is a paradisiacal sandbank named Heaven, where you will find starfish on their own habitat over an incredibly sea turquoise water. Is about ½ mile off the Cozumel coast; a very shallow unique place located in the center of the Caribbean, and only accessible by boat.

The water is only 3-4 ft as far as you can see, with powdered white sand that massages your feet. El Cielo is filled with starfish and stingrays that can be seen from yards away because of the crystal-clear waters of El Cielo. On the way there; you can snorkel or dive at the second biggest coral reef barrel in the world after Australia.

Taking advantage of the scenarios at this lovely island at the Mexican Caribbean, @Nomadic Totem develops different high-end activities and premium services; such as, luxury yachts and catamarans with premium open bar and hor d´ouvers; where you can be the owner for 5 hours and captain of your own boat at the Caribbean with servers and crew taking care of you onboard.


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15. Phu Cuoc, Vietnam (pop. 103.000)

Puh Cuoh


Phu Quoc (pronounced “foo kwok”) – an unassuming Vietnamese island sitting pretty just off the coast of Cambodia – is one of south-east Asia’s best-kept secrets.

The Phu Quoc district is made of 28 islands, most of which are uninhabited while some are planned for development as private resorts. Spanning 574 square kilometres, Phu Quoc Island is where most of the tourism action takes place.

With no accommodation available on site, the island is a popular day trip spot. Its protected waters and picturesque beach can be enjoyed overnight by camping on the beach as part of a tour, but not independently.

There is 150 kilometres of coast with ice cream-soft sand and Phu Quoc Island is home to around 20 unspoilt beaches, trodden mostly by locals or tourists from Asian countries nearby. Khem Beach is one of its most beautiful, overlooking Emerald Bay with powdery white sands caressed by champagne-like effervescent waves.

Sao Beach, considered the “crown jewel” of Phu Quoc, while Long Beach, which boasts a 20-km coast on the west side of the island is ideal for sunsets and among the island’s most popular beaches.


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16. Karimunjawa, Indonesia (pop. 1.400)



Any nature lover will easily fall in love with this place. Afterall, Karimunjawa is a sanctuary – an archipelago of 27 islands north of Semarang and off the coast of Central Java. With turquoise waters, fine white sand, fresh air and breathtaking views, this is the perfect escape from a hectic lifestyle that’ll likely satiate your cravings for fun under the sun.

 Travel experts recommend the best time to go is during the dry season from April to October, as Indonesia is a country with a tropical climate. Pack with you the necessary items to battle the humid weather such as sunblock, umbrella, hats and a pair of sunglasses.

Looking for a luxurious hotel? Kura Kura Resort in Semarang is nestled among coconut trees and surrounded by pristine beaches with white sand.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, head on over to Menjangan Island. As many sharks have been sighted around the Karimunjawa islands, this has become a tourist attraction. Swimming with these sharks is a must-try activity here. You don’t have to worry since they’re smaller than usual and won’t bite. Aside from sharks, you can also find turtles and the Javan hawk on this island.


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17. Langkawi, Malaysia (pop. 65.000)



The island of Langkawi in Malaysian is a tantalizing mix of folklore, stunning visuals, waterfalls, virgin coral reefs and mangroves inhabited by eagles and other exotic wildlife.

Situated in calm waters of the Andaman Sea, it is designated as south-east Asia’s first ever UNESCO Geopark for its unique geology and tropical geo forests. On top of all that, Langkawi is a duty-free island too.

The best time to visit the island is between December and March, it’s dry season and temperatures are around 30°C or more. It can get quite hot, but there is always a nice breeze in Langkawi.

Top attractions & activities on the island include: 1) Dataran Lang aka The Eagle Square 2) Langkawi Sky Bridge & Cable Car 3) Jetski Island hopping 4) Gunung Raya 5) Kilim Karst Geoforest Park 6) Skytrex Adventure 7) Taman Lagenda 8) Telaga Tujuh aka 9) The Wells Waterfalls 10) Tanjung Rhu & Datai Bay

Try some of them and you will be so excited with your visit there.


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18. Easter Islands, Chile (pop. 5.761)

Easter islands


It was the eighteenth century Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen who named this isle Easter Island after he stumbled across it on Easter Sunday 1722 on his way across the South Pacific. In later years the Polynesian islanders gave the island the title Rapa Nui, but to this day locals still use the name that’s so commonly known worldwide. Situated 3,700 kilometers from the coast of Chile, Easter Island is the most isolated inhabited place on Earth.

Easter Island is most famous for its mysterious monolithic stone statues. Known as Moai, they are believed to have been carved by the Rapa Nui people sometime between 1250 and 1500, depicting the faces of their ancestors. Many statues have been moved to other spots along the coastline and positioned facing inland.

Guided hikes lead visitors around the island to see archaeological sites amidst scenic landscape. In around seven hours, trek along the dramatic northern coast – an area that’s only accessible on foot – from the western edge of the extinct volcano Maunga Terevaka to Anakena beach, with Moai, caves and rock carvings to see along the way.

Anakena on the northern coast is the island’s most popular beach – particularly during the southern hemisphere’s summer months – where white coral sand is lapped by the warm Pacific Ocean with coconut trees swaying in the sea breeze.


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19. Parquerolles Island, France (pop. 200)



Welcome to Porquerolles! A short 10-minutes boat ride away from the coast, the crescent-shaped island nestles a charming village in its centre where you will find a wide and diverse offer of accommodationrestaurants and bike rentals. The best way to discover Porquerolles is hiking or cycling on the numerous marked trails of the National Park.

Porquerolles is a favourite with the French and is busy in the summer and on public holidays. The best months are in late spring, September and October. Late May sees Porquerolles at its most beautiful. Tender shoots are still green and fresh, blossoms exuberant with new colour. Nature fizzes – just before the burn of the summer sun begins and the fading starts.

Porquerolles has two facets: on the southern side, the coast is made of steep cliffs and secluded creeks only accessible to hikers. The northern side, on the other hand, offers fine sand beaches and turquoise waters…our very own Caribbean! As for the core of the island, it is made of fertile plains on which the botanical conservatory grows ancient and unique species. This special island awaits your visit…



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20.Cayo Arena, Dominican Republic

Cayo Arena


There are tons of kitschy picture-perfect settings in the Caribbean: a turquoise ocean with endless beaches, palm trees looking diagonally towards the sea, the tropical cocktail during the sunset or the jump into a natural pool of a waterfall. All these typical Caribbean dreams are waiting for you in the Dominican Republic. However, on the north coast of the country, there is a special spot which is more perfect than the mentioned moments and which will even enthuse Caribbean experienced travellers: Cayo Arena with its 7 pretty beach huts on a sandbar which is not that much bigger than 30×90 feet – surrounded by crystal-clear water, a colorful coral reef and the infinity of the ocean. Is there a better spot for taking remarkable photos of the Dominican Republic?

The fascination of Cayo Arena is basically limitless. Besides the incredible setting the coral reef offers an abundance of fishes who are presenting themselves in all colors you even can’t imagine of. And after your snorkeling trip through the underwater world of Cayo Arena you can enjoy a chilled drink and fresh fruits to complete your perfect day in the Caribbean.


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11 European Small Towns Every Traveler Should Visit

A story created with passion and love by BEYOND LIMITS


When planning your grand European adventure, it’s all too easy to obsess over the essential, big-ticket experiences: taking selfies with the Eiffel Tower, munching pizza near Trevi Fountain, trying to steal the hats off of those Buckingham Palace soldiers. But better to give the beaten path the finger, and head off to explore lesser-known gems in hidden valleys and un-cruise-shipped coves. As you’re no doubt aware, Europe is absolutely stacked with postcard-worthy villages and historical small towns.

by Savas Kazantzides
think green, think life, make a difference.

1.  Lofoten Islands, Norway (pop. 24500)



Fjords, mountains, white sandy beaches, and surprisingly warm water, that’s Lofoten. A landscape of skerries, red fisherman cabins, lapping waves and the cries of gulls that will ease your tensions away. Not only the endless days but also the midnight sun gives you extra energy and you might find yourself playing golf at midnight, or forgetting to go to bed!

Take a stroll in old, charming fishing villages, where the creative ones settle to find inspiration, active people to find challenges, wanderers to find peace, where we all find endless beauty. Choose to stay in an authentic fisherman cabin, or a panorama suite with both mountain, city and sea view at the same time. Join us by speed boats to explore the beautiful nature and watch sea eagles, catch fish up close, take a hike with rewarding world-class views and enjoy a pier-front meal of self-caught seafood. Lofoten will take your breath away!

Fishermen Village

Sandy Beach


Have your trip uniquely organized by MOMENT NORWAY

2.  Semur-en-Auxois, France (pop. 4240)



Just 250 km from Paris in beautiful Burgundy you will come across one of the best medieval cities of France, Semur–en-Auxois, Discover its high city and its suburbs by the river Armançon, its municipal museum, its history and its exceptional architecture. Drive down the hill into Semur-en-Auxois on a fine day and often you will see artists sketching the citadel. For this, it is a very picturesque town with attractive houses, antique ironmongery on the walls and doors and narrow streets. By day, the magnificent fortress looks onto the pretty valley of the River Armançon with its weeping willows and weirs. By night, the gigantic towers and ramparts are softly illuminated to create a spectacle all their own.

The Entrance to the Town

Cobblestone Streets


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3.  Cadaqués, Spain (pop. 2837)



It is said that on one of his trips to Barcelona, Einstein escaped to Cadaqués after his interest was piqued by a recommendation from one of his hosts. Upon arriving, he was so overwhelmed by the beauty and so affected by emotion that he began to play the violin.

Throughout the twentieth century, this small fishing village was a centre of attraction for great artistic figures, such as Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, García Lorca, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí. The latter had childhood attachments to this area, as it was a summer holiday destination for his family.

Cadaqués remains a special place. The Pyrenees come to an abrupt end as they meet the Mediterranean Sea, and the isolation this provides from the surrounding world explains how Cadaqués has been able to preserve its purity. Yesterday, like today, the two thousand and a few inhabitants who live here view it with a very special sense and sensibility. Fortunately, Cadaqués is a dream that nobody has yet awakened from.

Sunset in Cadaqués

The View from the Sea

Ferrer & Saret-LOGO

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4.  Bled, Slovenia (pop. 6322)



Bled is a small town located in Gorenjska region, Slovenia’s most popular resort due to its breath – taking scenery. Lonely Planet chose Bled as one of the top 10 regions to visit in 2018! In the center of everything is Lake Bled (Blejsko jezero). Lake Bled is a picture-perfect mountain lake with emerald green water and a tear shaped isle in the middle. A fairy tale like church stands on the Isle and an imposing medieval Bled Castle stands tall on a rocky cliff overlooking the lake and the town.

Culinary scene of Bled is based on locally produced food. Bled also serves as an access point for Triglav National Park, where eco livestock free range breeding is extremely important and is also a big part of the local tradition. The most famous dish is a desert called Kremšnita, a cake made of vanilla custard and crème.

Bled is known as an access point for many outdoor activities – hiking, biking, swimming, rafting, and various other water sport activities. Rowing boats or more traditional Pletna boats are a great way to explore the lake. For something different, Hot air balloon flights are a great way to experience the amazing and breathtaking views of Lake Bled and nearby Julian Alps.

Blejski Grad

The Lake


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5.     Budva, Montenegro (pop. 13300)



Budva is welcoming its guests all year around. Either you look for crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean, backed by gorgeous mountains or a vibrant nightlife or even explore the alleyways of the fortified medieval old town, Budva has a lot to offer to its visitors. The city is home to a variety of lodging options ranging from luxurious resorts to small cozy apartments in stone building restored for the comfort of those who seek privacy. As well as the old town, Budva area is home to many fine restaurants offering delicious seafood from the Adriatic Sea.

Budva is also ideally located within the reach of the most untouched parts of the country where nature lovers enjoy lots of adrenaline raising activities in its mountains, lakes and rivers.

An incentive trip combining all these in the beautiful environement of Budva is quite a unique experience to remember.

Panoramic View

The Port


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6.  Zhovkva, Ukraine (pop.13594)



Old Slavic Vinnyky. Medieval Zolkiew. Soviet Nesteriv. With each change in history this town changed its name and appearance. However, the centre is the same as in medieval times and is again called Zhovkva.

Zhovkva is a small Renaissance town 25 km north to Lviv, the former residence of the King of Poland Jan Sobieski III.

Zhovkva was founded in 1594 as a private town, by Polish military commander Stanislaw Zolkiewski who had decided to build a “perfect city”. From those times, the city kept the most glorious monuments: an impressive Zhovkva Castle, marvelous St. Lawrence Catholic Church, which is a real Renaissance work of art, a sophisticated house of the Town Hall, and a spacious Vicheva Square.The history of the city keeps memory of the numerous historical events that influenced the development of not only Ukraine, but also the entire Europe. In different periods, such famous people as Napoleon Bonaparte, B. Khmelnitsky and Peter I visited Zhovkva. The entire central part of the town has the status of historical and cultural reserve of national importance. The Church of Holy Trinity was listed as the UNESCO World Heritage, amongst 16 wooden churches of the Carpathian Region.

A Panoramic View

The Square

Ukrainian Incentives

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7.  Alaçatı, Turkey (pop. 9745)



Alaçatı as an extension of Cesme resort in Izmir, a small town  for calmness, relaxation and recovery. You can find small, cozy and romantic hotels in this town. It offers you a lot of possibilities; a beautiful nature, excellent restaurants & cozy cafes, romantic bars, a lot of shops and antique stores, one of the most famous open bazaars of the region, the beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and some of the best wind and kite surfing paradise in the country. It is a unique place to fall in love. With its mild climate, it is considered a beautiful holiday destination throughout the year.

Stay in a boutique hotel, walk along the narrow streets surrounded by typical stone houses of the town, visit the small antiquity shops in the hidden corners that will offer you memorable souvenirs to pamper yourself, taste the delicious Aegean vegetable cuisine in the small restaurants, walk to the hill of the hundred years old windmills for photoshoot , sit on the beach and watch the windsurfers dancing on the sea. Enjoy every breath you take in this small Aegean Town…That is all about Alacati.

Alacati Sokaklari


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8.  Asolo, Italy (pop. 9085)



Just 80 km from Venice, defined by Giosuè Carducci the City of a Hundred Horizons, Asolo is one of the most picturesque old town centres in Italy. Contained within the ancient walls that branch off from the 12th century fortress, in every corner it preserves testimonies of its thousand-year old history. A fascinating place on the rolling Asolan hills, Asolo was a destination for poets and writers, artists and travellers that found inspiration and harmony here. Among them the English poet Robert Browning, the Divine theatre actress Eleonora Duse, the composer Gian Francesco Malipiero, the English writer and traveller Freya Stark. A visit to Asolo allows you to combine the pleasure for history and culture with that of dining. In taverns, restaurants, cafes and wine bars that overlook the characteristic arcades and squares you can enjoy delicious dishes prepared with the finest local produce and linked to the Venetian culinary tradition, such as the delicious “Cicchetti” (venetians tapas). All accompanied by a glass of sparkling Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG, the excellence of this land.


Canal Bridge in Asolo

Τhe Castle


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9.  Kazimierz Dolny, Poland (pop. 3572)



Kazimierz Dolny is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the most charming towns in Poland. Located 140 km from Warsaw, it proudly stretches on the Vistula bank. Being a royal city and one of the main shipping ports during the Golden Age, it is now a place full of picturesque wooden villas and beautiful verandas, which are an outstanding architectural jewel.

The unique natural landscape of the Vistula valley strengthens the charm of this town, which is surrounded by a dense loess network of woody green hills and magnificent lush gardens. The atmosphere of not only artistic bohemia, but also traces of the Jewish “shtetl Kuzmir” together with the culture, spirit of the Renaissance and idyllic landscape attract thousands of visitors each year.

Photos by courtesy of Town Hall in Kazimierz Dolny

A Great View of the Town (Photos by courtesy of Town Hall in Kazimierz Dolny)


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10.   Milos, Greece (pop.900)




Milos, like Santorini, is an island that is not only rich in spectacular sunset views and minerals but also in the things that travelers come to Greece looking for: beautiful beaches, inspiring views, a rich history, white-washed Cycladic villages, excellent food and good-hearted people. Combined with Sifnos, one hour away, Milos makes a perfect holiday destination for those who want to experience the real Greece in all its beauty, without the crowds that are found in the more popular Greek Islands and at a fraction of the price.

A Fishing Village

Famous Beach


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11.   Rovinj, Croatia (pop. 14294)



Rovinj is a town in Croatia situated on the western coast of Istrian peninsula. First built on a small island and later connected with the mainland, Rovinj is a typical Istrian town. Steep and narrow cobbled streets are full of local shops and art galleries. A majestic Cathedral of Saint Euphemia stands tall on a hill overlooking the town. Despite being a major tourist destination, Rovinj remains one of the last true Mediterranean fishing ports. Tradition and romantic spirit of the town are best experienced during warm summer nights, when a visit to one of numerous music concerts under the stars is mandatory. There you can combine traditional Istrian music with seafood delicacies drizzled in homemade olive oil, and delicious local wine. And if you wish to indulge in dining of the highest class, it is worth noting that since 2017 Rovinj is the only place in Croatia that has a Michelin star restaurant.

Rovinj and its surroundings have a lot to offer. Just off the coast lies so called Rovinj archipelago, consisting of 14 small islands which make for pleasant afternoon trips. Various water sport activities offer great fun in a crystal-clear sea such as sailing, scuba diving, canoe rides, and fishing. Or hop on a boat and head into the Lim valley canal and visit mystic pirate caves.

Lovely Rovinj

Mirroring of the Town


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