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Discovering the Magic of the Happiest People on Earth 

Denmark is a country that boasts a rich history and captivating seascapes, making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Viking culture and sea adventures. This small country is home to some of the most impressive Viking ruins and museums in the world, offering a glimpse into the fascinating past of this ancient civilization. Furthermore, Denmark’s stunning coastline provides ample opportunities for thrilling water sports, from kayaking to windsurfing. Whether you’re a history buff, an adrenaline junkie, or simply looking for a unique travel experience, Denmark is the perfect place to explore.                                                             

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Fifty Shades of Green with 3 activities 

Discover why Copenhagen is considered Europe’s green city. This program includes the discovery of three places with very different solutions for sustainable development. 



Bybi, a non-profit honey company, invites people to join a community that includes bees, flowers, and humans with the motto “Honey is something we make together”. Bybi focuses not only on honey-making but also on making the city greener, teaching in schools and refugee centers, and working with volunteers who face problems integrating into society.  



It’s a self-governing community of about 900 people who live in colorful houses and practice an alternative lifestyle. You can walk around the area, admire the street art, buy some souvenirs, or enjoy a meal at one of the cafes. Just remember to respect the rules of Christiania: no photos, no hard drugs, and no running (it causes panic).


Also known as Amager Bakke, Copenhill is an industrial waterfront power plant capable of converting 450,000 tonnes of waste into clean energy each year. 

Constructed by Bjarke Ingels, it is notable for the many sports and recreational activities it offers.  

“A clear example of hedonistic sustainability – that a sustainable city is not only better for the environment – it is also better for the lives of its citizens.” 



The Absolute alternative SPA experience 


Even though the baths are open-air, there is no need to worry about the weather. Each season has its own charm, and the heated water will ensure that you don’t get cold, even during the winter. 


Relax in a hot tub heated to 40 degrees by the wood fire. 

If you feel too hot, step into the ice bath to cool down. This will surely boost your blood circulation. 



Hotel NH 5* 

Scandinavia’s first NH Hotel opened in 2021 in the picturesque Christianshavn area of Copenhagen.  The building’s façade has been completely renovated in keeping with the original 1962 building, with its clean lines and shapes. Environmental efforts are well represented in the hotel, with its huge green roof (3,428 m2!), the use of seawater to cool the building, and the intelligent control of light and indoor climate. 

The chic and calm interior is inspired by the industrial and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city and its bustling port.  

The hotel offers 394 modern and Scandinavian rooms. 



Copenhagen is a culinary wonderland for food travelers with 15 Michelin-starred restaurants, two of which hold three stars and have topped the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list, Geranium (currently no 1 in the World!) and Alchemist (currently no 18) and not mentioning NOMA which created a world-changing experience when it first opened. 

However, instead of the usual places, we have some amazing suggestions for you that showcase Denmark’s innovative culinary scene. 



Feel like dining among heads of cabbage and lettuces on Denmark’s first rooftop farm? 

You don’t know what to expect when you climb the spiral staircase outside what looks like an ordinary building in the Østerbro district. At the top of this former car auction house, you will find the Østergro farm and its restaurant. 

Livia and Kristian, have teamed up with a handful of people to run the farm and its restaurant, Gro Spiseri. Dinners take place in the cozy greenhouse with its long table for 24 people, heated by a multifunctional oven in the kitchen. 


In the heart of Copenhagen’s old Latin Quarter, you’ll find Vækst, a friendly and lively bistro. Its name means “growth” and its cuisine is based mainly on vegetables, seasonal and local. 

The menu is not the only thing that’s green in the restaurant, as the decor is centered around a beautiful greenhouse, stretching up through the restaurant’s two floors. The rooms are filled with hanging plants, drawing nature in all the way to the table, while the many lovely lights create an atmosphere mimicking a Danish summer evening that never ends. The restaurant has a private room for 30 guests.


There’s an underground rock’n’roll vibe to this bright, modern restaurant, tucked away in a former pencil factory, accessible via a graffiti-covered elevator. 

Indeed, Alouette is located in a courtyard that houses several music studios, as well as the carpentry workshop Københavns Møbelsnedkeri.  

The floors, the kitchen, the furniture, everything is designed by them. 

Michelin-starred, Alouette works closely with local farmers to ensure ingredients are at their ideal level of ripeness, and dishes are clean, balanced, and sublimely flavored, with sauces taking pride in place. 


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