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The only place in the world with no excuse not to visit it at least once in your lifetime.

Looking for a breathtaking destination for your next trip? Look no further than Florence, Tuscany. This beautiful city and region has everything you need to leave you feeling refreshed, inspired, relaxed enjoy the finer things in life. In this blog post, we’ll give you a rundown of everything you can expect on your visit there, we’ll explore some of the best activities and attractions that this beautiful region has to offer. 


Tuscany landscape in springtime, Toscana, Italy

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Soak in some Renaissance beauty and feast like a Florentine 

Going to Florence and skipping the art is a no-no, even if museums aren’t really your thing because you’re more of an adventurous or foodie or lounging or fill-in-the-blank type. 

As Florentines are addicted to Chianina—a huge, thick steak from local beef, usually eaten by two people and served rare—one favorite spot is Perseus, just outside the city walls. Don’t be shy about the plate of meat you’ll get served here.

But if you crave traditional ‘granny’ recipes, historical tavern Parione serves typical antipasto with crostini neri ai fegatini (crispy bread topped with chicken liver paste), short handmade pasta called pici, and ossobuco (oxtail).

Just a few blocks north, Trattoria Baldini is a temple for iconic ribollita soup, made with bread, white cannellini beans, and vegetable leftovers.


The must-see 

The first stop is the Duomo cathedral and the climb up to its panoramic loggia for an expansive city view. Right out front, check out the octagonal Baptistery basilica for its engraved bronze doors and green-white marble walls. Next, hiking up Giotto’s campanile (bell tower) is great for stretching muscles.

Then prepare to get lost at the Uffizi gallery, your head spinning with so many masterpieces, including Botticelli’s the Birth of Venus, which will give you an idea of the Renaissance ideal of female perfection. To get a glimpse of what the sexy male prototype was like, Michelangelo’s Davide at the Galleria dell’Accademia will leave you breathless. His abs, and even his veins, are perfectly sculpted. 

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Visit Machiavelli’s unknown lair 

There’s a secret spot in Florence that few people know about: the hidden retreat of Machiavelli. It’s said that in this house, located on the Florentine hills, the statesman found inspiration for his infamous book The Prince. What was once his humble home is now the Villa Machiavelli museum, where you can see his bed and kitchen table—and an underground passage that connects to an old tavern. Old Nick used the dark tunnel to sneak away unseen from his lodgings to gamble and go hang out with women of the night.


Sail or paddle-board along the Arno River 

Here’s an alternative, less crowded, but way more entertaining way to explore Florence:  on a traditional painted wooden boat along the Arno River. If you want more action and a solo thrill, opt for paddle-board tours and glide right beneath the crowded Ponte Vecchio—during the day or at night under a starry sky.

Drive a Ferrari 

Cruise through the Tuscan hillside on carefully elected scenic routes. 

Sweep along winding cypress tree-lined roads in a Ferrari Portofino, a grand touring sports car designed for this kind of road.

Explore the amazing countryside 

Florence is surrounded by adorable villages worth a day trip and offers gorgeous views of where the Tuscan countryside meets the old city. Find yourself strolling amid frescoed suites with marble walls and a panoramic pool.   

Car-free Certaldo di Castro is one of them, made up of a maze of reddish alleys and low dwellings enclosed by medieval walls. It’s also the hometown of epicurean poet Boccaccio, author of the Decamerone tales (he’s a bit of an Italian Chaucer). His family home-turned-museum, Casa Boccaccio, is not only a beautiful house with a verdant courtyard, but it also showcases everything from Boccaccio’s slippers, pajamas, and even his toilet pots.  


Villa Cora hotel is also on the city outskirts. This lavish villa from the 1800s is like a country home meets a luxurious mansion. Many of the ornate rooms have regal four-poster beds and way more interesting ceilings than found in, say, the US.  

Roam the gardens where you’ll find balconies and sphinx statues, and don’t miss the heated pool or spa. 

Castello di Spaltenna This long-established country hotel occupies an imposing medieval stone castle and its lovely grounds in deepest Chianti and offers a gourmet restaurant, excellent facilities, and reasonable prices. From here, many of Tuscany’s major attractions, both cultural and otherwise, are within easy reach.

And if you want to sleep like a real Medici, stay at the aristocratic, 1500s Palazzo di Camugliano. With its plethora of original features and air of discreet luxury, the hotel owned by a Marquis is well placed for visiting the sights yet feels removed from the worst of the crowds. The lovely hanging garden is a delightful surprise.

Palazzo Vecchieti: This smart, comfortable hotel comes up very high in terms of location, and it will suit travelers who like a bit of luxury but who don’t need a plethora of traditional hotel facilities. Even the entry-level rooms are very spacious and have kitchenettes.

Visit Tuscany, ITALYThe only place in the world with no excuse not to visit at least once in your lifetime  

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